Territory to Territory Partnerships

JNCC Overseas Territories programme aims to facilitate a number of partnerships across the UK’s Overseas Territories. 


The first of these Territory to Territory Partnerships (T2T) has started.


Territory to Territory Partnership between the Falkland Islands Government Institute SAERI and the Government of Montserrat


T2T Montserrat


T2T Montserrat logos


This T2T Partnership aims to transfer knowledge and skills from the South Atlantic to the Caribbean.  This skills and knowledge transfer will focus on information management and marine spatial planning.


More information on the project is downloadable here >>  link to T2T Montserrat project overview

The T2T Montserrat partnership project was officially launched in August 2016 >> Building partnerships between the UK Overseas Territories.   


T2T Montserrat workshop

A workshop to scope the framework for the data infrastructure and marine spatial planning needs for Montserrat will be held from 14 – 18 November 2016.



T2T Montserrat Opening Ceremony, Permanent Secretary Mrs Cassell, Governor Ms Carriere, SAERE Director Dr Brickle and Hon. Minister Hogan

Opening ceremony of the T2T Montserrat Partnership Project

From left to right: Permanent Secretary Mrs Cassell, Governor Ms Carriere, SAERI Director Dr Brickle & Hon. Minister Hogan


GIS Data Management on Montserrat - Celebrating where we are  Download>> (4.5MB)

The power of integrating data: Case studies  Download>> (2.1MB)

An integrated system for data discovery, management and access in the south Atlantic UK OT's  Download>> (2.2MB)

A technical revolution in Montserrat's fisheries management and governance  Download>> (4.3MB)

A framework for developing marine spatial planning in small islands: The Falkland Islands example  Download>> (2.9MB)

Blue Halo Montserrat: Achieving a sustainable ocean policy Download>>  (3.5MB)

Coral Cay Conservation on Montserrat  Download>> (2.1MB)

The natural capital approach to marine and terrestrial spatial planning in the Overseas Territories  Download>> (6MB)

 Fisheries in Marine Spatial Planning: case studies  Download>> (2.6MB)

T2T Montserrat:  workshop wrap-up  Download>> (2.4MB)


Montserrat T2T

T2T Montserrat - workshop attendees

T2T Montserrat scoping meetings