New UK marine protected sites for harbour porpoise submitted to Europe


31 January 2017

As part of the UKs commitment to implementation of the EU Habitats Directive and development of the Natura 2000 network, five harbour porpoise Special Areas of Conservation (SACs), proposed and consulted on in 2016 (see map), have been approved by relevant UK Governments. These sites were submitted to the European Commission (EC) on Monday 30 January 2017 and are now considered to be candidate SACs (cSAC), pending EC approval.


SAC network for harbour porpoise

The submitted cSACs have been identified based on analysis of 18 years of comprehensive data on harbour porpoise distribution. These areas were identified as important, having persistently higher densities of harbour porpoise compared to other areas, and will complement existing conservation measures in place throughout UK waters for whales and dolphins.


Site Information Centres are now available for these five sites on our website, and host the consultation report and advice to governments, as well as historical site identification documents available during the consultation. These pages will now be developed to hold any further documentation or updates relevant to the sites going forward. The consultation pages will also remain available in the short term.


Site Information Centres


Bristol Channel Approaches cSAC

North Channel cSAC

Southern North Sea cSAC

North Anglesey Marine cSAC

West Wales Marine cSAC


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