CSSF logoNatural Capital in the Caribbean and South Atlantic Overseas Territories:  Valuation, Vulnerability and Monitoring Change



The UK Overseas Territories are highly dependent on the natural environment for their economic and social well-being. The environment provides goods and services of significant cultural and economic value, and provides a key role in protecting man-made assets and protecting human life. The natural environment is susceptible to damage from human activities, resulting in significant loss of value to the economies of the Territories and an increased risk from natural disasters such as hurricane-generated storm surges and flooding.

JNCC embarked on the ‘Natural Capital in the Caribbean and South Atlantic Overseas Territories’ project, funded by the Conflict, Stability and Security Fund (CSSF), in late 2016.  The project  will provide an assessment of natural capital in a number of the UK’s Caribbean and South Atlantic Overseas Territories, and will build capacity to monitor environmental change and integrate environmental evidence into economic policy making and infrastructure planning. 

The project builds on a body of existing work and techniques supported and pioneered by the UK Government in the two regions.   Working with the OT governments, and with a number of research organisations and private sector specialists, the  project will be using economic assessments and analysis, spatial mapping, and satellite data to:

  • assess the economic and social value of the terrestrial and marine natural environment for each of the Territories;
  • identify the priority natural capital assets and metrics (or measurable attributes) to monitor changes in value through time;
  • integrate natural capital valuations into national mapping (GIS) to define the spatial distribution of the assets (value mapping), and to promote the integration of such valuations into planning and policy making.


In addition, the projects place an emphasis on capacity building, skill sharing and knowledge exchange through:

  • On-island or regional training programmes to build long-term capacity in the OTs;
  • Building regional Territory networks to encourage territory to territory support;
  • Development of outreach programmes to cultivate links between the Territories and adjacent islands and states, in order to encourage wider regional exchange of information and ideas, and the development of partnerships and collaborations.



Reports on JNCC's Overseas Territories natural capital work will be posted on this page as the work draws to a close. Documents will include natural capital reports for individual Territories, synthesising the results of the work programme in each OT; underpinning reports based on projects with a specific technical focus; reports on training programmes undertaken to support building capacity in the OTs, and the results of the initial consultations used to define individual OT priorities for the work programme. A priority for JNCC has been to work with each Territory to ensure the natural capital work programme supports their own aspirations for environmental management and economic development whilst building an understanding of the importance of natural capital for policy making and planning. The programme is also designed to ensure that new data are made available to the Territories, and new human capacity developed, to allow individual OTs to build on the CSSF supported programme in the future


Supplementary reports




South Atlantic

Using radar based terrain mapping to model the vulnerability of five UK OTs (PDF, 3.7Mb)


Report on workshops: Natural Capital Assessment in the South Atlantic (PDF, 2.8Mb)

Gap analysis of economic valuation studies completed in the Caribbean UK OTs (PDF, 1.6Mb)


Giant kelp 'Blue carbon' storage and sequestration value in the Falkland Islands (PDF, 2.5Mb)

Scope of a Natural Capital Assessment in the British Virgin Islands (PDF, 2Mb)


Natural Capital Assessment Ascension Island  - Marine ecosystem services report (PDF, 2.9Mb)

Assess and validate the vulnerability mapping of the UK’s OTs of Anguilla and BVI to natural hazards, and the value of natural capital in mitigating impacts (PDF, 4.9Mb)


Ascension Island Workshop Report (PDF, 1Mb)

Montserrat fisheries - iVMS data (PDF, 0.8Mb)


Falkland Islands - Habitat Map Report (PDF, 1.4 Mb)

Montserrat fisheries report - data collection and integration strategy for underpinning sustainable fisheries management. (Draft form until incorporated into the Government's fisheries policy) (PDF, 1.4Mb)


St Helena - Natural Capital Assessment, Process Report (PDF,1Mb )

Montserrat Fisheries - Data Collector  Code of Conduct (Draft form until incorporated into the Government's fisheries policy) (PDF, 0.7Mb)


St Helena - Consultation Workshop Report January 2018 (PDF, 1.1Mb )

A National Ecosystem Assessment of Montserrat - Earth observation based mapping and interpretation (PDF, 8.4Mb)


St Helena - Constraint mapping to identify suitable landfill sites (PDF, 1Mb)

A National Ecosystem Assessment of Montserrat: natural capital assessments, mapping and monitoring methods (PDF, 1.1Mb)


South Atlantic Natural Capital Assessment - Tristan da Cunha tourism assessment

(PDF, 0.9Mb)

An assessment of the value of natural capital in the protective service against coastal and inland flooding in the UK overseas territory of the British Virgin Island

(PDF, 5.7Mb)

St Helena Natural Capital Accounting Report (PDF, 1,1Mb)


Turks & Caicos Natural Capital Accounting (PDF, 1.8Mb)


Annex A - Turks & Caicos Natural Capital Accounting Update (PDF, 1.1Mb)


Anguilla Natural Capital Accounting Report (PDF, 2.2Mb)



Much of the CSSF work has been complemented by ODA funded projects in Montserrat.

The Montserrat Data Management Project - Establishing a tool for providing a sound evidence base for Natural Capital Assessment in Montserrat (PDF, 0.7Mb)

Montserrat fisheries - An economic valuation and qualitative analysis of the commercial fishing sector in Montserrat (PDF, 3.9Mb)

Montserrat fisheries report - A guide to data and biological sampling (PDF, 1.8Mb)

Montserrat workshop report - Collecting quality data to support sustainable fisheries (PDF, 0.5Mb)

Montserrat workshop report - T2T  Montserrat & Falkland Islands knowledge and skills transfer (PDF, 0.5Mb)

Montserrat training report - QGIS beginner and intermediate (PDF, 1.5Mb)

Montserrat data management - data gateway project report (PDF, 1.4Mb)