Braemar Pockmarks SAC and Scanner Pockmark SAC site boundary amendments public consultation

25 August 2017

Braemar Pockmarks SAC © JNCC/Cefas

Methane derived authigenic carbonate (MDAC) protruding from sediment with a dahlia anemone (Urticina felina) and ling (Molva molva) at the Braemar Pockmarks SAC © JNCC/Cefas


JNCC has launched a public consultation on proposed amendments to the boundaries of two offshore Special Areas of Conservation (SACs) designated under the EC Habitats Directive for the Annex I habitat: ‘Submarine structures made by leaking gases. Both sites lie in Scottish offshore waters of the Northern North Sea: Braemar Pockmarks lies approximately 240km to the east of the Orkney Islands and 80km north-east of Scanner Pockmark.

New evidence shows that the Annex I habitat occurs beyond the existing site boundaries, resulting in JNCC developing proposals to amend the boundaries to encompass further records of the feature.

The consultation will run for 12 weeks from Friday 25th August until Friday 17th November 2017 and primarily seeks views on the scientific case underpinning the proposed site boundary amendments.

Information on the consultation, including how to submit a response, is provided on our consultation webpage.

Further information on the sites is available via JNCC’s MPA Site Information Centres: Braemar Pockmarks SAC and Scanner Pockmark SAC.