Notification of the publication of updated formal conservation advice packages for 32 offshore Marine Protected Areas

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12 April 2018

JNCC have been working to update the conservation advice we provide for offshore Marine Protected Areas (MPAs). The revised approach which JNCC has developed is based on recommended best practice and feedback from users. Further information on the approach is available on the JNCC conservation advice webpage.

Updated formal conservation advice packages are now available for 32 offshore Marine Protected Areas (please see the lists provided below). These packages follow JNCC’s revised approach. For those sites where there is higher human activities interest, greater levels of site detail are provided to support impact assessments and decisions regarding site management. Updated formal packages supersede any previous conservation advice provided.

To access a package for a site, click on the relevant site link provided below. You will be directed to the Site’s Information Centre on JNCC’s website. Once there, you need to scroll down to the conservation advice tab from where the advice package can be viewed and readily downloaded. To access conservation advice packages for other offshore MPAs not listed below, please go to JNCC’s conservation advice webpage and click on the relevant Site Information Centre link.

Scottish Offshore area

Anton Dohrn Seamount SAC, Darwin Mounds SAC, Central Fladen NCMPA, East Rockall Bank SAC, Faroe Shetland Sponge Belt NCMPA, Geikie Slide and Hebridean Slope NCMPA, Hatton Bank cSAC, Hatton-Rockall Basin NCMPA, North-East Faroe-Shetland Channel NCMPA, North-West Orkney NCMPA, North-West Rockall Bank SAC, Norwegian Sediment Boundary Plain NCMPA, Rosemary Bank Seamount NCMPA, Stanton Banks SAC, The Barra Fan and Hebrides Terrace Seamount NCMPA, Turbot Bank NCMPA, West Shetland Shelf NCMPA, Wyville Thomson Ridge SAC

English Offshore area

Bassurelle Sandbank SAC, East of Haig Fras MCZ, Greater Haig Fras MCZ, Haig Fras SAC, North-East of Farnes Deep MCZ, North-West of Jones Bank MCZ, Offshore Brighton MCZ, Pisces Reef Complex SAC, South-West Deeps (West) MCZ, Swallow Sand MCZ, The Canyons MCZ, Western Channel MCZ, Wight-Barfleur Reef SAC

Welsh Offshore Area

Croker Carbonate Slabs cSAC/SCI

If you have any questions or would like to discuss the advice, please do get in touch using the email address and include the site name and ‘Conservation Advice’ in the subject header.