Request regarding Stanbury et al. (2017) paper
JNCC EIR 201901

Summary of details


Request for JNCC's opinion on the Stanbury et al. (2017) review paper (full citation given below) and whether it is unsuitable for determining government policy.

Stanbury, A., Thomas, S., Aegerter, J., Brown, A., Bullock, D., Eaton, M., Lock, L., Luxmore, R., Roy, S., Whitaker, S. & Oppel, S. (2017) Prioritising islands in the United Kingdom and crown dependencies for the eradication of invasive alien vertebrates and rodent biosecurity. European Journal of Wildlife Research, Vol.63 No.1 pp.31.

Number of days to respond 4



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Please cite as: JNCC, (201901), Request regarding Stanbury et al. (2017) paper