Classified Special Protection Areas (SPAs) in the UK

(note that this table no longer shows potential SPA - this information is currently being collated by JNCC (as at May 2016)



Special Protection Areas in the UK as at 26 March 2019
Classified SPAs submitted to the EU
Country Number of sites1+3 Site area (ha)2
England 82 860,495
England / Offshore 1 393,611
England / Scotland 1 43,710
England / Wales 2 38,810
England / Wales / Offshore 1 252,311
Northern Ireland 16 113,987
Offshore 1 18,000
Scotland 152 1,205,855
Wales 17 259,855
Wales / Offshore  1  249,390
United Kingdom 274 3,760,717
1 Note these statistics exclude 12 sites listed that have been subsumed into larger sites. These sites (totalling 14,530 hectares) are however retained in lists of SPAs maintained by the European Union because they have never been formally declassified.
2 Note these figures have been calculated from GIS to allow for overlapping SPAs such as the Cairngorms Massif in Scotland. There may therefore be slight discrepancies between these and the equivalent figures from previous tranches which were calculated from the SPA data forms.
2Note site area figures for each country relate to both the terrestrial and inshore domain.
3 Figures exclude 2 SPAs which have been submitted in the UK Territory of Gibraltar.  For further information on these sites, please contact JNCC's .