The UK SPA Network - Its Scope and Content

Please note

The UK SPA review was published  in 2001 the following information is a published snapshot of the SPA network and will not be updated. For up-to-date information on classification status and qualifying species for an SPA please refer to the UK list and the spreadsheet of SPA data

Stroud et al. 2001The UK SPA network: its scope and content is a JNCC publication that presents a comprehensive review of the UK's Special Protection Areas; sites classified in accordance with the EC Birds Directive to protect birds and their habitats. It is also known as the UK SPA review.
This online version of the UK SPA review compliments the printed publication and provides full access to its content. Much of the introductory text and the site accounts are presented as linked HTML pages, while other sections of the printed document are available in PDF format.
Much of the content of the printed review is available in the following sections:
  • UK SPA Network - UK and regional maps of the network and a site list linked to individual site accounts
  • Species accounts - Summaries of the data handling issues and individual species accounts
  • Download - An index providing access to sections of the printed publication available in PDF format
Stroud, DA, Chambers, D, Cook, S, Buxton, N, Fraser, B, Clement, P, Lewis, P, McLean, I, Baker, H & Whitehead, S (eds). 2001. The UK SPA network: its scope and content. JNCC, Peterborough.
Volume 1: Rationale for the selection of sites. 90 pp.
Volume 2: Species accounts. 438 pp.
Volume 3: Site accounts. 392 pp.
The status of 'qualifying' species on individual SPAs - important information>>>