Species accounts

Welcome to the species section of the SPA review site.
This section presents background information on the protection requirements of two groups of birds:
  • Species for which at least one SPA has been selected
  • Migratory and/or Annex I species for which no SPAs have been selected
For full details of how the species accounts are presented and description of the species accounts sections - See Presentational Issues
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Species for which at least one SPA has been selected

The species accounts are provided as downloadable documents in Adobe Acrobat PDF format. The species have been combined into the following loose groups to enable location of the individual accounts:

Individual Species Accounts

  • For each species for which at least one SPA has been selected, there is an individual species account. The species accounts are provided online (in PDF format) and are grouped according to assemblages. See the full species list.These accounts summarise population status and size, distribution, and population structure and trends. They also summarise the reasons why the particular suite of SPAs was selected for that species. A map of the UK shows the location of selected sites and a table summarises population data at each SPA within the species' suite. Sections A6.104 and A6.105 outline those sites that have been selected as a consequence of their holding, respectively, internationally important assemblages of waterbirds and breeding seabirds.

  • For a number of migratory and/or Annex I species, no SPAs have been selected. The reasons for these decisions are outlined in section A6.106.


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