A6.105 Assemblages of breeding seabirds


Fig. 6.105.1 Distribution of SPAs selected for holding internationally important assemblages of breeding seabirds

The UK is notable for the outstanding international importance of its populations of breeding seabirds (Cramp et al. 1974; Lloyd et al. 1991).


Internationally important assemblages of breeding seabirds have been selected under Stage 1.3 to represent this interest (Figure 6.105.1). A total of 41 sites have been selected (Table 6.105.1). Each of these sites holds more than 10,000 pairs of seabirds (i.e. >20,000 individuals).


In order to identify the important components of these assemblages, all species occurring at levels of more than 1% of national populations (or where there are more than 2,000 individuals present) were identified (section 4.3.1). These components are highlighted in the respective species accounts.

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