Annex 1 & migratory species for which no SPAs have been selected

This section outlines the reasons why SPAs have not been selected for certain species that are either migrants (or partial migrants) and/or are listed on Annex I of the Directive. The latter species are indicated by bold facing. See Appendix 2 (PDF, 46 kb) for the derivation of the list of regularly occurring migratory species in the UK.  
Further detail:
  1. Wintering and passage waders
  2. Breeding waders
  3. Rails
  4. Wildfowl and other waterbirds
  5. Raptors and owls
  6. Grebes and seaducks
  7. Birds using the marine environment
  8. Passerines
  9. Vagrants and scarce migrants


You can also download this entire section (A6.106) in PDF format 30 kb