SACs with Marine Components


Special Areas of Conservation (SACs) are designated under the EC Habitats Directive for habitats and species listed in Annex I and II of the Directive.  SACs with marine components are sites that contain qualifying marine habitats or species.

There are currently 115 SACs with marine components that cover about 14% of the UK's marine area.  You can download a list of the SACs and their qualifying marine features, and a shapefile of the sites.

90 SACs are found in inshore waters (from landward extent of Mean High Water/Mean High Water Springs to 12 nautical miles from the coast), 16 are located in offshore waters (beyond 12 nautical miles) and there are 9 sites within in both inshore and offshore waters. Use our UK MPA interactive map to find out more about these sites.

Following submissions of several candidate SACs with marine components in 2012, and the further submission of sites for Harbour Porpoise in 2017, the UK anticipates that the SAC network for marine habitats is now substantially complete.


Conservation Objectives

Conservation objectives describe what is important in terms of achieving a healthy state for each protected feature in a SAC. These are set out in site specific Conservation Objectives and Advice on Operations documents, which are available on our SAC Site Information Centres.


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