SACs in the United Kingdom


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There are 658 designated SACs, SCIs or cSACs in the United Kingdom including cross border sites (excluding Gibraltar).   Cross border sites are listed under both countries. Sites are sorted alphabetically within country.

EU Code Name Country Local Authority Area (ha) Status
UK0030076 Alde, Ore and Butley Estuaries E Suffolk 1632.63 SAC
UK0030142 Arnecliff and Park Hole Woods E North Yorkshire 52.39 SAC
UK0030366 Arun Valley E East Sussex 487.48 SAC
UK0014778 Asby Complex E Cumbria 3134.01 SAC
UK0030080 Ashdown Forest E East Sussex 2715.88 SAC
UK0030082 Aston Rowant E Buckinghamshire; Oxfordshire 124.89 SAC
UK0012734 Avon Gorge Woodlands E City of Bristol; North Somerset 151.07 SAC
UK0030031 Barnack Hills and Holes E City of Peterborough 23.54 SAC
UK0030085 Baston Fen E Lincolnshire 2.12 SAC
UK0012584 Bath and Bradford-on-Avon Bats E Bath and North East Somerset; Wiltshire 106.45 SAC
UK0030086 Beast Cliff - Whitby (Robin Hood`s Bay) E North Yorkshire 265.48 SAC
UK0030087 Bee`s Nest and Green Clay Pits E Derbyshire 14.7 SAC
UK0012585 Beer Quarry and Caves E Devon 31 SAC
UK0013104 Benacre to Easton Bavents Lagoons E Suffolk 326.7 SAC
UK0017072 Berwickshire and North Northumberland Coast ES Northumberland; Scottish Borders 65226.12 SAC
UK0012740 Birklands and Bilhaugh E Nottinghamshire 270.5 SAC
UK0030091 Blackstone Point E Devon 7.81 SAC
UK0013697 Blean Complex E Kent 522.89 SAC
UK0030362 Bolton Fell Moss E Cumbria County Council 381.13 SAC
UK0012923 Border Mires, Kielder - Butterburn E Cumbria; Northumberland 11811.42 SAC
UK0012745 Borrowdale Woodland Complex E Cumbria 669.43 SAC
UK0030095 Bracket`s Coppice E Dorset 53.75 SAC
UK0012570 Braunton Burrows E Devon 1339.74 SAC
UK0019865 Breckland E Norfolk; Suffolk 7543.5 SAC
UK0012587 Bredon Hill E Worcestershire 360.46 SAC
UK0030098 Breney Common and Goss and Tregoss Moors E Cornwall 824.05 SAC
UK0030328 Briddlesford Copses E Isle of Wight 165.44 SAC
UK0030100 Brown Moss E Shropshire 31.64 SAC
UK0030034 Burnham Beeches E Buckinghamshire 383.71 SAC
UK0030103 Butser Hill E Hampshire 237.36 SAC
UK0030106 Calf Hill and Cragg Woods E Lancashire 34.43 SAC
UK0030107 Cannock Chase E Staffordshire 1244.2 SAC
UK0012672 Cannock Extension Canal E Staffordshire; Walsall 5 SAC
UK0012795 Carrine Common E Cornwall 46.44 SAC
UK0012768 Castle Eden Dene E Durham 189 SAC
UK0012836 Castle Hill E Brighton and Hove; East Sussex 114.53 SAC
UK0030115 Cerne and Sydling Downs E Dorset 371.75 SAC
UK0017076 Chesil and the Fleet E Dorset 1634.91 SAC
UK0016373 Chilmark Quarries E Wiltshire 10.16 SAC
UK0012724 Chilterns Beechwoods E Buckinghamshire; Hertfordshire; Oxfordshire; Windsor and Maidenhead 1285.86 SAC
UK0030035 Clints Quarry E Cumbria 12.56 SAC
UK0012889 Cothill Fen E Oxfordshire 43.39 SAC
UK0013658 Cotswold Beechwoods E Gloucestershire 590.2 SAC
UK0014776 Craven Limestone Complex E North Yorkshire 5326.09 SAC
UK0030349 Crookhill Brick Pit E Dorset 4.64 SAC
UK0030329 Crowdy Marsh E Cornwall 92.53 SAC
UK0012679 Culm Grasslands E Devon 774.21 SAC
UK0030126 Cumbrian Marsh Fritillary Site E Cumbria 22.55 SAC
UK0012929 Dartmoor E Devon 23158.64 SAC
UK0030130 Dawlish Warren E Devon 58.69 SAC
UK0030131 Dee Estuary/ Aber Dyfrdwy EW Cheshire; Sir y Fflint/ Flintshire; Wirral 15805.27 SAC
UK0030036 Denby Grange Colliery Ponds E Wakefield 18.34 SAC
UK0030037 Devil`s Dyke E Cambridgeshire; Suffolk 7.68 SAC
UK0030133 Dew`s Ponds E Suffolk 6.59 SAC
UK0030135 Dixton Wood E Gloucestershire 13.02 SAC
UK0019857 Dorset Heaths E Bournemouth; Dorset; Hampshire; Poole 5719.54 SAC
UK0030038 Dorset Heaths (Purbeck and Wareham) and Studland Dunes E Dorset 2230.53 SAC
UK0030330 Dover to Kingsdown Cliffs E Kent 184.54 SAC
UK0012735 Downton Gorge E Herefordshire 68.88 SAC
UK0013031 Drigg Coast E Cumbria 1396 SAC
UK0019833 Duddon Mosses E Cumbria 311.42 SAC
UK0030138 Duncton to Bignor Escarpment E West Sussex 211.84 SAC
UK0013059 Dungeness E East Sussex; Kent 3241.43 SAC
UK0030140 Durham Coast E Durham 389.61 SAC
UK0012602 East Devon Pebblebed Heaths E Devon 1124.4 SAC
UK0012723 East Hampshire Hangers E Hampshire 561.69 SAC
UK0012715 Ebernoe Common E West Sussex 234.93 SAC
UK0030039 Eller`s Wood and Sand Dale E North Yorkshire 4.22 SAC
UK0030147 Emer Bog E Hampshire 36.76 SAC
UK0012646 Ensor`s Pool E Warwickshire 3.86 SAC
UK0012720 Epping Forest E Essex 1630.74 SAC
UK0013690 Essex Estuaries E Essex 46109.95 SAC
UK0030331 Eversden and Wimpole Woods E Cambridgeshire 66.22 SAC
UK0030148 Exmoor and Quantock Oakwoods E Devon; Somerset 1894.05 SAC
UK0030040 Exmoor Heaths E Devon; Somerset 10670.3 SAC
UK0013112 Fal and Helford E Cornwall 6362.83 SAC
UK0030332 Fen Bog E North Yorkshire 26.98 SAC
UK0014782 Fenland E Cambridgeshire 619.25 SAC
UK0012912 Fenn`s, Whixall, Bettisfield, Wem and Cadney Mosses EW Shropshire; Wrecsam/ Wrexham 948.84 SAC
UK0030150 Fens Pools E Dudley 20 SAC
UK0013036 Flamborough Head E East Riding of Yorkshire; North Yorkshire 6403.01 SAC
UK0012835 Folkestone to Etchinghill Escarpment E Kent 187.02 SAC
UK0012550 Fontmell and Melbury Downs E Dorset 263.09 SAC
UK0030151 Ford Moss E Northumberland 60.96 SAC
UK0012817 Gang Mine E Derbyshire 8.26 SAC
UK0012549 Godrevy Head to St Agnes E Cornwall 128.39 SAC
UK0012770 Great Yews E Wiltshire 29.09 SAC
UK0030043 Grimsthorpe E Lincolnshire 0.36 SAC
UK0030162 Hackpen Hill E Oxfordshire 35.57 SAC
UK0030369 Haisborough, Hammond and Winterton EO   146759 SAC
UK0030377 Hamford Water E Essex 50.34 SAC
UK0030333 Harbottle Moors E Northumberland 931.77 SAC
UK0030164 Hartslock Wood E Oxfordshire 34.16 SAC
UK0030165 Hastings Cliffs E East Sussex 182.47 SAC
UK0030166 Hatfield Moor E Doncaster; North Lincolnshire 1359.45 SAC
UK0030167 Helbeck and Swindale Woods E Cumbria 136.9 SAC
UK0030168 Hestercombe House E Somerset 0.06 SAC
UK0012883 Holme Moor and Clean Moor E Somerset 7.43 SAC
UK0030350 Holnest E Dorset 54.8 SAC
UK0030170 Humber Estuary E City of Kingston upon Hull; East Riding of Yorkshire; Lincolnshire; North East Lincolnshire; North Lincolnshire 36657.15 SAC
UK0012782 Ingleborough Complex E North Yorkshire 5770.45 SAC
UK0030370 Inner Dowsing, Race Bank and North Ridge EO   84514 SAC
UK0019861 Isle of Portland to Studland Cliffs E Dorset 1441.75 SAC
UK0016254 Isle of Wight Downs E Isle of Wight 458.08 SAC
UK0013694 Isles of Scilly Complex E Cornwall; Isles of Scilly 26848.62 SAC
UK0030044 Kennet and Lambourn Floodplain E West Berkshire; Wiltshire 112.24 SAC
UK0030175 Kennet Valley Alderwoods E West Berkshire 57.73 SAC
UK0012767 Kingley Vale E West Sussex 200.94 SAC
UK0030178 Kirk Deighton E North Yorkshire 3.99 SAC
UK0012960 Lake District High Fells E Cumbria 27003.07 SAC
UK0030375 Lands End and Cape Bank E   30204 SAC
UK0012832 Lewes Downs E East Sussex 146 SAC
UK0030184 Little Wittenham E Oxfordshire 68.65 SAC
UK0030374 Lizard Point E   13996 SAC
UK0030064 Lower Bostraze and Leswidden E Cornwall 2.34 SAC
UK0012844 Lower Derwent Valley E East Riding of Yorkshire; North Yorkshire; York 921.26 SAC
UK0013114 Lundy E Devon 3070.95 SAC
UK0012834 Lydden and Temple Ewell Downs E Kent 62.77 SAC
UK0030372 Lyme Bay and Torbay E   31253 SAC
UK0030198 Lyppard Grange Ponds E Worcestershire 1.09 SAC
UK0030200 Manchester Mosses E Warrington; Wigan 170.49 SAC
UK0030371 Margate and Long Sands E   64877 SAC
UK0012658 Mells Valley E Somerset 28.77 SAC
UK0030203 Mendip Limestone Grasslands E North Somerset; Somerset 415.24 SAC
UK0030048 Mendip Woodlands E Somerset 251.39 SAC
UK0012809 Minsmere to Walberswick Heaths and Marshes E Suffolk 1256.57 SAC
UK0012804 Mole Gap to Reigate Escarpment E Surrey 892.3 SAC
UK0014774 Moor House - Upper Teesdale E Cumbria; Durham 38803.22 SAC
UK0013027 Morecambe Bay E Cumbria; Lancashire 61538.23 SAC
UK0014777 Morecambe Bay Pavements E Cumbria; Lancashire 2607.95 SAC
UK0030051 Mottey Meadows E Staffordshire 43.69 SAC
UK0030334 Mottisfont Bats E Hampshire 196.55 SAC
UK0030335 Naddle Forest E Cumbria 362.67 SAC
UK0030222 Nene Washes E Cambridgeshire; City of Peterborough 82.57 SAC
UK0012890 Newham Fen E Northumberland 13.46 SAC
UK0030065 Newlyn Downs E Cornwall 115.41 SAC
UK0012892 Norfolk Valley Fens E Norfolk 616.48 SAC
UK0030225 North Downs Woodlands E Kent; Medway 288.58 SAC
UK0016372 North Meadow and Clattinger Farm E Wiltshire 105.23 SAC
UK0019838 North Norfolk Coast E Norfolk 3148.6 SAC
UK0017097 North Northumberland Dunes E Northumberland 1127.27 SAC
UK0014775 North Pennine Dales Meadows E Cumbria; Durham; Lancashire; North Yorkshire; Northumberland 481.64 SAC
UK0030033 North Pennine Moors E Cumbria; Durham; Northumberland; North Yorkshire 103014.48 SAC
UK0030052 North Somerset and Mendip Bats E Bath and North East Somerset; North Somerset; Somerset 555.93 SAC
UK0030228 North York Moors E North Yorkshire; Redcar and Cleveland 44053.29 SAC
UK0012970 Oak Mere E Cheshire 68.53 SAC
UK0014780 Orfordness - Shingle Street E Suffolk 888 SAC
UK0030053 Orton Pit E City of Peterborough 141.24 SAC
UK0013011 Ouse Washes E Cambridgeshire; Norfolk 332.61 SAC
UK0030232 Overstrand Cliffs E Norfolk 29.82 SAC
UK0030234 Ox Close E North Yorkshire 141.07 SAC
UK0012845 Oxford Meadows E Oxfordshire 267.4 SAC
UK0030338 Parkgate Down E Kent 6.92 SAC
UK0030235 Paston Great Barn E Norfolk 0.96 SAC
UK0012789 Pasturefields Salt Marsh E Staffordshire 7.8 SAC
UK0019859 Peak District Dales E Derbyshire; Staffordshire 2336.91 SAC
UK0012559 Penhale Dunes E Cornwall 621.95 SAC
UK0030237 Peter`s Pit E Kent 28.91 SAC
UK0030367 Pevensey Levels E West Sussex 3585.38 SAC
UK0012552 Pewsey Downs E Wiltshire 153 SAC
UK0030238 Phoenix United Mine and Crow`s Nest E Cornwall 48.65 SAC
UK0013111 Plymouth Sound and Estuaries E Cornwall; Devon; Plymouth 6386.95 SAC
UK0030241 Polruan to Polperro E Cornwall 210.24 SAC
UK0030054 Portholme E Cambridgeshire 91.56 SAC
UK0012553 Prescombe Down E Wiltshire 75.6 SAC
UK0030242 Quants E Somerset 20.33 SAC
UK0012833 Queendown Warren E Kent 14.48 SAC
UK0019866 Rex Graham Reserve E Suffolk 2.65 SAC
UK0030246 Richmond Park E Richmond upon Thames 846.27 SAC
UK0013016 River Avon E Dorset; Hampshire; Wiltshire 416.57 SAC
UK0030248 River Axe E Devon; Dorset 22.94 SAC
UK0030056 River Camel E Cornwall 604.7 SAC
UK0030250 River Clun E Herefordshire; Shropshire 14.64 SAC
UK0030252 River Dee and Bala Lake/ Afon Dyfrdwy a Llyn Tegid EW Cheshire; Ddinbych/ Denbighshire; Gwynedd; Shropshire; Sir y Fflint/ Flintshire; Wrecsam/ Wrexham 1271.32 SAC
UK0030253 River Derwent E East Riding of Yorkshire; North Yorkshire; York 397.87 SAC
UK0030032 River Derwent and Bassenthwaite Lake E Cumbria 1793.8 SAC
UK0012643 River Eden E Cumbria 2430.39 SAC
UK0030057 River Ehen E Cumbria 23.33 SAC
UK0012599 River Itchen E City of Southampton; Hampshire 303.98 SAC
UK0030256 River Kent E Cumbria 88.9 SAC
UK0030257 River Lambourn E West Berkshire 28.78 SAC
UK0030258 River Mease E Derbyshire; Leicestershire; Staffordshire 23.03 SAC
UK0012691 River Tweed ES Northumberland; Scottish Borders 3742.65 SAC
UK0012647 River Wensum E Norfolk 306.79 SAC
UK0012642 River Wye/ Afon Gwy EW Fynwy/ Monmouthshire; Gloucestershire; Herefordshire; Powys 2147.64 SAC
UK0030265 Rixton Clay Pits E Warrington 13.65 SAC
UK0030266 Rochdale Canal E Rochdale; Tameside 24.86 SAC
UK0012826 Rodborough Common E Gloucestershire 109.27 SAC
UK0030267 Roman Wall Loughs E Northumberland 683.1 SAC
UK0030058 Rook Clift E West Sussex 10.62 SAC
UK0012681 Rooksmoor E Dorset 62.2 SAC
UK0019834 Roudsea Wood and Mosses E Cumbria 471.36 SAC
UK0012801 Roydon Common and Dersingham Bog E Norfolk 353.45 SAC
UK0012683 Salisbury Plain E Hampshire; Wiltshire 21465.94 SAC
UK0030270 Saltfleetby-Theddlethorpe Dunes and Gibraltar Point E Lincolnshire 967.65 SAC
UK0013077 Sandwich Bay E Kent 1136.7 SAC
UK0013076 Sefton Coast E Sefton 4591.59 SAC
UK0013030 Severn Estuary/ Môr Hafren EW Bro Morgannwg/ Vale of Glamorgan; Caerdydd/ Cardiff; Casnewydd/ Newport; City of Bristol; Fynwy/ Monmouthshire; Gloucestershire; North Somerset; Somerset; South Gloucestershire 73714.11 SAC
UK0030376 Shell Flat and Lune Deep E   10568 SAC
UK0030275 Shortheath Common E Hampshire 58.53 SAC
UK0019864 Sidmouth to West Bay E Devon; Dorset 895.58 SAC
UK0030336 Simonside Hills E Northumberland 2082.6 SAC
UK0030337 Singleton and Cocking Tunnels E West Sussex 1.88 SAC
UK0030276 Skipwith Common E North Yorkshire 294.6 SAC
UK0017073 Solent and Isle of Wight Lagoons E City of Portsmouth; Hampshire; Isle of Wight 37.93 SAC
UK0030059 Solent Maritime E City of Portsmouth; City of Southampton; Hampshire; Isle of Wight; West Sussex 11243.12 SAC
UK0013025 Solway Firth ES Cumbria; Dumfries and Galloway 43676.16 SAC
UK0012749 South Dartmoor Woods E Devon 2159.06 SAC
UK0030060 South Devon Shore Dock E Devon 332.12 SAC
UK0012650 South Hams E Devon; Torbay 126.87 SAC
UK0030280 South Pennine Moors E Barnsley; Bradford; Calderdale; Cheshire; Derbyshire; Kirklees; Lancashire; Leeds; North Yorkshire; Oldham; Rochdale; Sheffield; Staffordshire; Tameside 65024.32 SAC
UK0030310 South Solway Mosses E Cumbria 1956.23 SAC
UK0030061 South Wight Maritime E Isle of Wight 19866.12 SAC
UK0019863 St Albans Head to Durlston Head E Dorset 283.4 SAC
UK0030282 St Austell Clay Pits E Cornwall 0.6 SAC
UK0030373 Start Point to Plymouth Sound & Eddystone E   34091 SAC
UK0012741 Staverton Park and The Thicks, Wantisden E Suffolk 84.28 SAC
UK0030283 Stodmarsh E Kent 563.27 SAC
UK0030284 Strensall Common E York 572 SAC
UK0030382 Studland to Portland E   33190 SAC
UK0030285 Subberthwaite, Blawith and Torver Low Commons E Cumbria 1860.19 SAC
UK0030378 Tankerton Slopes and Swalecliffe E Kent 13.01 SAC
UK0030339 Tarn Moss E Cumbria 16.97 SAC
UK0013107 Thanet Coast E Kent 2815.95 SAC
UK0013577 The Broads E Norfolk; Suffolk 5889.43 SAC
UK0012799 The Lizard E Cornwall 3083.23 SAC
UK0012716 The Mens E West Sussex 204.69 SAC
UK0012557 The New Forest E Hampshire; Wiltshire 29213.57 SAC
UK0012810 The Stiperstones and The Hollies E Shropshire 602.18 SAC
UK0017075 The Wash and North Norfolk Coast E Lincolnshire; Norfolk 107718 SAC
UK0012915 Thorne Moor E Doncaster; East Riding of Yorkshire; North Lincolnshire 1911.02 SAC
UK0012838 Thrislington E Durham 23.33 SAC
UK0012793 Thursley, Ash, Pirbright and Chobham E Surrey 5154.5 SAC
UK0013047 Tintagel-Marsland-Clovelly Coast E Cornwall; Devon 2380.44 SAC
UK0012604 Tregonning Hill E Cornwall 5.42 SAC
UK0030292 Tweed Estuary E Northumberland 156.24 SAC
UK0012816 Tyne and Allen River Gravels E Northumberland 36.76 SAC
UK0030293 Tyne and Nent E Cumbria 37.74 SAC
UK0030295 Ullswater Oakwoods E Cumbria 123.37 SAC
UK0030093 Walton Moss E Cumbria 286.74 SAC
UK0030063 Wast Water E Cumbria 284.11 SAC
UK0012882 Waveney and Little Ouse Valley Fens E Norfolk; Suffolk 192.37 SAC
UK0030299 West Dorset Alder Woods E Dorset 329.06 SAC
UK0013595 West Midlands Mosses E Cheshire; Shropshire; Staffordshire 184.62 SAC
UK0030301 Wimbledon Common E Merton; Wandsworth 351.38 SAC
UK0012586 Windsor Forest and Great Park E Bracknell Forest; Surrey; Windsor and Maidenhead 1680.18 SAC
UK0013043 Winterton - Horsey Dunes E Norfolk 426.96 SAC
UK0030302 Witherslack Mosses E Cumbria 486.71 SAC
UK0030304 Woolmer Forest E Hampshire 670.15 SAC
UK0013696 Wormley Hoddesdonpark Woods E Hertfordshire 336.47 SAC
UK0012831 Wye and Crundale Downs E Kent 111.32 SAC
UK0014794 Wye Valley and Forest of Dean Bat Sites/ Safleoedd Ystlumod Dyffryn Gwy a Fforest y Ddena EW Fynwy/ Monmouthshire; Gloucestershire 144.82 SAC
UK0012727 Wye Valley Woodlands/ Coetiroedd Dyffryn Gwy EW Fynwy/ Monmouthshire; Gloucestershire; Herefordshire 913.32 SAC
UK0030306 Yewbarrow Woods E Cumbria 112.7 SAC



EU Code Name Country Local Authority Area (ha) Status
UK0030318 Aughnadarragh Lough NI Down 12.8 SAC
UK0030319 Ballykilbeg NI Down 37.59 SAC
UK0016599 Ballynahone Bog NI Londonderry 243.52 SAC
UK0030083 Banagher Glen NI Londonderry 87.9 SAC
UK0030084 Bann Estuary NI Londonderry 348.37 SAC
UK0030089 Binevenagh NI Londonderry 90.92 SAC
UK0016609 Black Bog NI Tyrone 183.72 SAC
UK0030097 Breen Wood NI Antrim 36.03 SAC
UK0030110 Carn-Glenshane Pass NI Londonderry 1941.28 SAC
UK0030116 Cladagh (Swanlinbar) River NI Fermanagh 28.36 SAC
UK0030321 Cranny Bogs NI Tyrone 79.06 SAC
UK0016603 Cuilcagh Mountain NI Fermanagh 2751.68 SAC
UK0030322 Curran Bog NI Londonderry 183.51 SAC
UK0030323 Dead Island Bog NI Londonderry 54.62 SAC
UK0030324 Deroran Bog NI Tyrone 75.6 SAC
UK0016620 Derryleckagh NI Down 48.73 SAC
UK0016615 Eastern Mournes NI Down 7509.59 SAC
UK0016611 Fairy Water Bogs NI Tyrone 224.18 SAC
UK0030068 Fardrum and Roosky Turloughs NI Fermanagh 43.21 SAC
UK0016606 Garron Plateau NI Antrim 4652.18 SAC
UK0016610 Garry Bog NI Antrim 154.91 SAC
UK0030169 Hollymount NI Down 49.96 SAC
UK0030045 Largalinny NI Fermanagh 245.54 SAC
UK0030180 Lecale Fens NI Down 40.87 SAC
UK0030047 Lough Melvin NI Fermanagh 517.98 SAC
UK0016621 Magheraveely Marl Loughs NI Fermanagh 58.89 SAC
UK0016613 Magilligan NI Londonderry 1059.62 SAC
UK0030199 Main Valley Bogs NI Antrim 186.35 SAC
UK0016619 Monawilkin NI Fermanagh 175.25 SAC
UK0030211 Moneygal Bog NI Tyrone 156.16 SAC
UK0030212 Moninea Bog NI Fermanagh 44.84 SAC
UK0030214 Montiaghs Moss NI Antrim 151.39 SAC
UK0016612 Murlough NI Down 11903.9 SAC
UK0030224 North Antrim Coast NI Antrim 311.44 SAC
UK0030233 Owenkillew River NI Tyrone 213.84 SAC
UK0030236 Peatlands Park NI Armagh 207.53 SAC
UK0016607 Pettigoe Plateau NI Fermanagh 1267.88 SAC
UK0030055 Rathlin Island NI Antrim 3346.59 SAC
UK0030244 Rea`s Wood and Farr`s Bay NI Antrim 41.83 SAC
UK0030365 Red Bay NI   962 SAC
UK0030361 River Faughan and Tributaries NI   293.79 SAC
UK0030320 River Foyle and Tributaries NI Tyrone 771.8 SAC
UK0030360 River Roe and Tributaries NI Londonderry 408.19 SAC
UK0030268 Rostrevor Wood NI Down 16.65 SAC
UK0030383 Skerries and Causeway NI   10812 SAC
UK0016622 Slieve Beagh NI Fermanagh; Tyrone 1888.18 SAC
UK0030277 Slieve Gullion NI Armagh 612.7 SAC
UK0016618 Strangford Lough NI Down 15391.77 SAC
UK0016608 Teal Lough NI Londonderry; Tyrone 198.5 SAC
UK0030384 The Maidens NI   7430 SAC
UK0030325 Tonnagh Beg Bog NI Tyrone 55.71 SAC
UK0030326 Tully Bog NI Tyrone 36.06 SAC
UK0030291 Turmennan NI Down 14.83 SAC
UK0030296 Upper Ballinderry River NI Tyrone 58.88 SAC
UK0016614 Upper Lough Erne NI Fermanagh 5751.34 SAC
UK0030300 West Fermanagh Scarplands NI Fermanagh 2276.47 SAC
UK0030303 Wolf Island Bog NI Londonderry 118.14 SAC



EU Code Name Country Local Authority Area (ha) Status
UK0030081 Abhainn Clais an Eas and Allt a' Mhuilinn S Highland 1.21 SAC
UK0030073 Achnahaird S Highland 21.55 SAC
UK0030218 Airds Moss S East Ayrshire 1360.22 SAC
UK0030077 Altnaharra S Highland 68.68 SAC
UK0012762 Amat Woods S Highland 234.89 SAC
UK0013091 Ardgour Pinewoods S Highland 1645.96 SAC
UK0012958 Ardmeanach S Argyll and Bute 378.33 SAC
UK0030079 Ardnamurchan Burns S Highland 26.3 SAC
UK0030231 Ardvar and Loch a' Mhuilinn Woodlands S Highland 808.1 SAC
UK0030230 Ascrib, Isay and Dunvegan S Highland 2577.99 SAC
UK0030030 Ballochbuie S Aberdeenshire 1882.37 SAC
UK0019756 Bankhead Moss, Beith S North Ayrshire 32.28 SAC
UK0013044 Barry Links S Angus 770.44 SAC
UK0012957 Beinn a' Ghlo S Perth and Kinross 8080.33 SAC
UK0030343 Beinn Bhan S Highland 4171.19 SAC
UK0012897 Beinn Dearg S Highland 13853.92 SAC
UK0012864 Beinn Iadain and Beinn na h' Uamha S Highland 523.48 SAC
UK0012951 Ben Alder and Aonach Beag S Highland 6653.48 SAC
UK0012901 Ben Heasgarnich S Perth and Kinross; Stirling 2783.72 SAC
UK0012895 Ben Lawers S Perth and Kinross 5026.11 SAC
UK0012900 Ben Lui S Argyll and Bute; Stirling 2057.13 SAC
UK0012956 Ben Nevis S Highland 9316.12 SAC
UK0012950 Ben Wyvis S Highland 5385.22 SAC
UK0030088 Berriedale and Langwell Waters S Highland 58.25 SAC
UK0017072 Berwickshire and North Northumberland Coast ES Northumberland; Scottish Borders 65226.12 SAC
UK0019757 Black Loch Moss S Falkirk; North Lanarkshire 107.49 SAC
UK0012758 Black Wood of Rannoch S Perth and Kinross 1100.89 SAC
UK0019758 Blawhorn Moss S West Lothian 108.86 SAC
UK0030094 Borders Woods S Scottish Borders 54.08 SAC
UK0019759 Braehead Moss S South Lanarkshire 122.17 SAC
UK0030099 Broubster Leans S Highland 172.19 SAC
UK0030101 Buchan Ness to Collieston S Aberdeenshire 206.03 SAC
UK0030102 Burrow Head S Dumfries and Galloway 244.1 SAC
UK0012821 Caenlochan S Aberdeenshire; Angus; Perth and Kinross 5200.85 SAC
UK0016412 Cairngorms S Aberdeenshire; Highland; Moray 57691.73 SAC
UK0013602 Caithness and Sutherland Peatlands S Highland 143561.47 SAC
UK0030108 Cape Wrath S Highland 1009.75 SAC
UK0019791 Carn nan Tri-tighearnan S Highland 4150.04 SAC
UK0030111 Carsegowan Moss S Dumfries and Galloway 49.3 SAC
UK0030112 Cawdor Wood S Highland 161.68 SAC
UK0019771 Claish Moss and Kentra Moss S Highland 1018.82 SAC
UK0013089 Clyde Valley Woods S North Lanarkshire; South Lanarkshire 432.89 SAC
UK0019760 Coalburn Moss S South Lanarkshire 223.65 SAC
UK0019761 Cockinhead Moss S North Ayrshire 47.6 SAC
UK0030120 Coille Mhor S Highland 310.07 SAC
UK0019772 Coladoir Bog S Argyll and Bute 156.46 SAC
UK0014728 Coll Machair S Argyll and Bute 854.24 SAC
UK0013575 Conon Islands S Highland 120.64 SAC
UK0030122 Coyles of Muick S Aberdeenshire 134.18 SAC
UK0012577 Craigengar S Scottish Borders; South Lanarkshire; West Lothian 37.16 SAC
UK0030123 Craighall Gorge S Perth and Kinross 53.65 SAC
UK0019762 Cranley Moss S South Lanarkshire 101.55 SAC
UK0012955 Creag Meagaidh S Highland 6143.46 SAC
UK0013584 Creag nan Gamhainn S Moray 15.63 SAC
UK0019807 Culbin Bar S Highland; Moray 580.99 SAC
UK0030129 Dam Wood S Highland 19.56 SAC
UK0030134 Dinnet Oakwood S Aberdeenshire 19.63 SAC
UK0030136 Dogden Moss S Scottish Borders 156.36 SAC
UK0019806 Dornoch Firth and Morrich More S Highland 8701.22 SAC
UK0012942 Drumochter Hills S Highland; Perth and Kinross 9439.48 SAC
UK0030152 Dun Moss and Forest of Alyth Mires S Perth and Kinross 469.38 SAC
UK0012638 Dunkeld - Blairgowrie Lochs S Perth and Kinross 427.84 SAC
UK0012786 Durness S Highland 1213.8 SAC
UK0019763 Dykeneuk Moss S North Ayrshire 61.92 SAC
UK0030143 East Caithness Cliffs S Highland 457.48 SAC
UK0030364 East Mingulay S Extra-Regio 11510.87 SAC
UK0019795 East Mires and Lumbister S Shetland Islands 619.54 SAC
UK0019773 Eilean na Muice Duibhe S Argyll and Bute 568.86 SAC
UK0030182 Eileanan agus Sgeiran Lios mor S Argyll and Bute 1139.49 SAC
UK0019840 Endrick Water S Stirling; West Dunbartonshire 235 SAC
UK0030149 Fair Isle S Shetland Islands 561.05 SAC
UK0030342 Fannich Hills S Highland 9639.4 SAC
UK0017096 Faray and Holm of Faray S Orkney Islands 781.33 SAC
UK0019774 Feur Lochain S Argyll and Bute 375.8 SAC
UK0030041 Firth of Lorn S Argyll and Bute 20999.35 SAC
UK0030311 Firth of Tay and Eden Estuary S Angus; City of Dundee; Fife; Perth & Kinross 15441.63 SAC
UK0012902 Flanders Mosses S Stirling 1073.33 SAC
UK0019801 Flow of Dergoals S Dumfries and Galloway 169.86 SAC
UK0013141 Foinaven S Highland 14853.66 SAC
UK0030153 Galloway Oakwoods S Dumfries and Galloway 353.68 SAC
UK0030356 Garron Point S Aberdeenshire 15.01 SAC
UK0019775 Glac na Criche S Argyll and Bute 263.36 SAC
UK0030154 Glen Beasdale S Highland 546.37 SAC
UK0012959 Glen Coe S Highland 2967.37 SAC
UK0030155 Glen Creran Woods S Argyll and Bute 705.91 SAC
UK0030346 Glen Shira S Argyll and Bute 65.24 SAC
UK0012756 Glen Tanar S Aberdeenshire 4178.58 SAC
UK0030156 Glenartney Juniper Wood S Perth and Kinross 101.45 SAC
UK0030159 Green Hill of Strathdon S Aberdeenshire 640.91 SAC
UK0019793 Hascosay S Shetland Islands 164.19 SAC
UK0012576 Hill of Towanreef S Aberdeenshire; Moray 1889.66 SAC
UK0012791 Hoy S Orkney Islands 9501.27 SAC
UK0012787 Inchnadamph S Highland 1283.21 SAC
UK0030393 Inner Hebrides and the Minches S Extra-Regio 1380199.00 SAC
UK0019812 Insh Marshes S Highland 1157.04 SAC
UK0019794 Inverasdale Peatlands S Highland 1261.75 SAC
UK0013041 Invernaver S Highland 287.67 SAC
UK0030171 Inverpolly S Highland 11881.94 SAC
UK0030172 Isle of May S Fife 356.64 SAC
UK0012815 Keen of Hamar S Shetland Islands 39.87 SAC
UK0030174 Keltneyburn S Perth and Kinross 32.04 SAC
UK0019814 Kilhern Moss S Dumfries and Galloway 123.58 SAC
UK0030176 Kinloch and Kyleakin Hills S Highland 5275.46 SAC
UK0012759 Kinveachy Forest S Highland 2849.8 SAC
UK0030177 Kippenrait Glen S Stirling 60.86 SAC
UK0019813 Kirkcowan Flow S Dumfries and Galloway 775.19 SAC
UK0030179 Ladder Hills S Aberdeenshire; Moray 4353.61 SAC
UK0030255 Langavat S Western Isles / Na h-Eileanan an Iar 1471.42 SAC
UK0030181 Ledmore Wood S Highland 93.15 SAC
UK0013592 Lendalfoot Hills Complex S South Ayrshire 1308.02 SAC
UK0019815 Lewis Peatlands S Western Isles / Na h-Eileanan an Iar 27955.02 SAC
UK0012977 Lismore Lochs S Argyll and Bute 107.61 SAC
UK0030183 Little Gruinard River S Highland 1167.28 SAC
UK0030188 Loch a' Phuill S Argyll and Bute 152.44 SAC
UK0030189 Loch Achnacloich S Highland 20.64 SAC
UK0030190 Loch Creran S Argyll and Bute 1226.48 SAC
UK0012750 Loch Etive Woods S Argyll and Bute; Highland 2642.59 SAC
UK0030191 Loch Fada S Argyll and Bute 79.96 SAC
UK0030192 Loch Laxford S Highland 1214.54 SAC
UK0013573 Loch Lomond Woods S Argyll and Bute; Stirling; West Dunbartonshire 1440.2 SAC
UK0013597 Loch Maree Complex S Highland 15753.97 SAC
UK0030209 Loch Moidart and Loch Shiel Woods S Highland 1753.04 SAC
UK0017070 Loch nam Madadh S Western Isles / Na h-Eileanan an Iar 2320.9 SAC
UK0030193 Loch of Isbister S Orkney Islands 105.41 SAC
UK0014749 Loch of Stenness S Orkney Islands 792.59 SAC
UK0030194 Loch of Wester S Highland 68.79 SAC
UK0017074 Loch Roag Lagoons S Western Isles / Na h-Eileanan an Iar 43.14 SAC
UK0030195 Loch Ruthven S Highland 200.84 SAC
UK0030196 Loch Ussie S Highland 102.29 SAC
UK0012983 Loch Watten S Highland 428.33 SAC
UK0017077 Lochs Duich, Long and Alsh Reefs S Highland 2373.01 SAC
UK0030197 Lower Findhorn Woods S Moray 177.14 SAC
UK0019978 Lower River Spey - Spey Bay S Moray 654.26 SAC
UK0013039 Luce Bay and Sands S Dumfries and Galloway 48752.99 SAC
UK0012952 Meall na Samhna S Stirling 1882.53 SAC
UK0019841 Merrick Kells S Dumfries and Galloway; East Ayrshire; South Ayrshire 8730.25 SAC
UK0030204 Methven Moss S Perth and Kinross 83.85 SAC
UK0030206 Mingarry Burn S Argyll and Bute 3.63 SAC
UK0019818 Mochrum Lochs S Dumfries and Galloway 179.16 SAC
UK0030208 Moffat Hills S Dumfries and Galloway 2881.72 SAC
UK0019796 Moidach More S Highland; Moray 930.19 SAC
UK0019839 Moine Mhor S Argyll and Bute 1149.02 SAC
UK0019820 Mointeach nan Lochain Dubha S Highland 412.3 SAC
UK0019816 Mointeach Scadabhaigh S Western Isles / Na h-Eileanan an Iar 3317.65 SAC
UK0012694 Monach Islands S Western Isles / Na h-Eileanan an Iar 3646.56 SAC
UK0013618 Monadh Mor S Highland 252.42 SAC
UK0030210 Monadhliath S Highland 10672.34 SAC
UK0012583 Moniack Gorge S Highland 32.67 SAC
UK0030215 Moorfoot Hills S Scottish Borders 8502 SAC
UK0019808 Moray Firth S Highland; Moray 151273.99 SAC
UK0012894 Morrone Birkwood S Aberdeenshire 320.53 SAC
UK0030216 Mortlach Moss S Aberdeenshire 12.36 SAC
UK0019958 Morven and Mullachdubh S Aberdeenshire 916.69 SAC
UK0030217 Morvern Woods S Highland 1924.86 SAC
UK0013574 Mound Alderwoods S Highland 299.52 SAC
UK0012711 Mousa S Shetland Islands 529.74 SAC
UK0019959 Muir of Dinnet S Aberdeenshire 417.76 SAC
UK0030219 Mull Oakwoods S Argyll and Bute 1405.45 SAC
UK0030220 Mull of Galloway S Dumfries and Galloway 136.93 SAC
UK0030223 Ness Woods S Highland 841.38 SAC
UK0030226 North Fetlar S Shetland Islands 1585.18 SAC
UK0012935 North Harris S Western Isles / Na h-Eileanan an Iar 13119.9 SAC
UK0012696 North Rona S Western Isles / Na h-Eileanan an Iar 628.53 SAC
UK0019768 North Shotts Moss S North Lanarkshire 53.79 SAC
UK0019804 North Uist Machair S Western Isles / Na h-Eileanan an Iar 3039.34 SAC
UK0017101 Obain Loch Euphoirt S Western Isles / Na h-Eileanan an Iar 348.28 SAC
UK0013055 Oldshoremore and Sandwood S Highland 446.2 SAC
UK0030344 Onich to North Ballachulish Woods S Highland 618.49 SAC
UK0030341 Oronsay S Argyll and Bute 340.02 SAC
UK0017069 Papa Stour S Shetland Islands 2072.9 SAC
UK0030313 Peeswit Moss S Midlothian 52.93 SAC
UK0030239 Pitkeathly Mires S Perth and Kinross 60.58 SAC
UK0013619 Pitmaduthy Moss S Highland 121.12 SAC
UK0030385 Pobie Bank Reef SO   96575 SAC
UK0030314 Raeburn Flow S Dumfries and Galloway 64.2 SAC
UK0012870 Rannoch Moor S Argyll and Bute; Highland; Perth and Kinross 10113.57 SAC
UK0030243 Rassal S Highland 1018.89 SAC
UK0019764 Red Moss S South Lanarkshire 75.85 SAC
UK0030315 Red Moss of Netherley S Aberdeenshire 93.17 SAC
UK0019767 Reidside Moss S Aberdeenshire 86.75 SAC
UK0014729 Rhidorroch Woods S Highland 737.75 SAC
UK0030307 Rigg - Bile S Highland 499.64 SAC
UK0030247 Rinns of Islay S Argyll and Bute 1085 SAC
UK0030249 River Bladnoch S Dumfries and Galloway 272.6 SAC
UK0012995 River Borgie S Highland 33.92 SAC
UK0030251 River Dee S Aberdeenshire 2334.48 SAC
UK0030254 River Evelix S Highland 23.6 SAC
UK0012996 River Kerry S Highland 10.91 SAC
UK0012994 River Moidart S Highland 16.19 SAC
UK0030259 River Moriston S Highland 194.38 SAC
UK0030260 River Naver S Highland 1044.15 SAC
UK0030261 River Oykel S Highland 921.46 SAC
UK0030262 River South Esk S Angus 471.85 SAC
UK0019811 River Spey S Highland; Moray; Perthshire 5759.72 SAC
UK0030312 River Tay S Angus; Argyll and Bute; Perth & Kinross; Stirling 9461.63 SAC
UK0030263 River Teith S Stirling 1289.33 SAC
UK0030264 River Thurso S Highland 348.25 SAC
UK0012691 River Tweed ES Northumberland; Scottish Borders 3742.65 SAC
UK0019797 Ronas Hill - North Roe S Shetland Islands 4903.57 SAC
UK0012594 Rum S Highland 10839.74 SAC
UK0030069 Sanday S Orkney Islands 10976.97 SAC
UK0013042 Sands of Forvie S Aberdeenshire 735.48 SAC
UK0030272 Shelforkie Moss S Perth and Kinross 111.34 SAC
UK0030274 Shingle Islands S Perth and Kinross 77.88 SAC
UK0019798 Sligachan Peatlands S Highland 1438.28 SAC
UK0030347 Slochd S Highland 92.42 SAC
UK0030386 Solan Bank Reef SO   85593 SAC
UK0013025 Solway Firth ES Cumbria; Dumfries and Galloway 43676.16 SAC
UK0012907 Solway Mosses North S Dumfries and Galloway 648.78 SAC
UK0019802 Sound of Arisaig (Loch Ailort to Loch Ceann Traigh) S Highland 4544.27 SAC
UK0012705 Sound of Barra S Western Isles / Na h-Eileanan an Iar 12507.39 SCI
UK0012713 South Uist Machair S Western Isles / Na h-Eileanan an Iar 3437.71 SAC
UK0030067 South-East Islay Skerries S Argyll and Bute 1500.41 SAC
UK0030281 St Abb's Head to Fast Castle S Scottish Borders 122.63 SAC
UK0013695 St Kilda S Western Isles / Na h-Eileanan an Iar 25467.57 SAC
UK0012785 Strath S Highland 1388.34 SAC
UK0014739 Strathglass Complex S Highland 23591.92 SAC
UK0030066 Strathy Point S Highland 207 SAC
UK0013589 Stromness Heaths and Coast S Orkney Islands 638.26 SAC
UK0030273 Sullom Voe S Shetland Islands 2691.43 SAC
UK0019803 Sunart S Highland 10230.22 SAC
UK0030286 Tarbert Woods S Argyll and Bute 1576.29 SAC
UK0012682 Taynish and Knapdale Woods S Argyll and Bute 1017.95 SAC
UK0030287 Tayvallich Juniper and Coast S Argyll and Bute 1213.13 SAC
UK0030348 The Maim S Aberdeenshire 484.37 SAC
UK0017068 The Vadills S Shetland Islands 62.42 SAC
UK0030288 Threepwood Moss S Scottish Borders 53.18 SAC
UK0019799 Tingon S Shetland Islands 570.78 SAC
UK0014744 Tiree Machair S Argyll and Bute 789.37 SAC
UK0030340 Tràigh na Berie S Western Isles / Na h-Eileanan an Iar 153.54 SAC
UK0030289 Treshnish Isles S Argyll and Bute 1962.66 SAC
UK0030290 Trossachs Woods S Stirling 377.5 SAC
UK0012863 Trotternish Ridge S Highland 3172.02 SAC
UK0012891 Tulach Hill and Glen Fender Meadows S Perth and Kinross 1584.68 SAC
UK0019800 Turclossie Moss S Aberdeenshire 61.98 SAC
UK0030240 Turflundie Wood S Fife; Perth and Kinross 86.59 SAC
UK0030294 Tynron Juniper Wood S Dumfries and Galloway 6.54 SAC
UK0030297 Upper Nithsdale Woods S Dumfries and Galloway 99.62 SAC
UK0030125 Upper Strathearn Oakwoods S Perth and Kinross 154.82 SAC
UK0030298 Urquhart Bay Wood S Highland 46.39 SAC
UK0019765 Waukenwae Moss S South Lanarkshire 154.32 SAC
UK0030316 West Fannyside Moss S North Lanarkshire 33.57 SAC
UK0013594 Whitlaw and Branxholme S Scottish Borders 41.3 SAC
UK0012687 Yell Sound Coast S Shetland Islands 1544.44 SAC



EU Code Name Country Local Authority Area (ha) Status
UK0030071 Aberbargoed Grasslands W Caerffili/ Caerphilly 39.64 SAC
UK0030075 Afon Eden - Cors Goch Trawsfynydd W Gwynedd 285 SAC
UK0030046 Afon Gwyrfai a Llyn Cwellyn W Gwynedd 111.6 SAC
UK0012670 Afon Teifi/ River Teifi W Caerfyrddin/ Carmarthenshire; Ceredigion; Penfro/ Pembrokeshire 691.07 SAC
UK0013010 Afon Tywi/ River Tywi W Caerfyrddin/ Carmarthenshire 375.83 SAC
UK0030074 Afonydd Cleddau/ Cleddau Rivers W Ceredigion; Penfro/ Pembrokeshire 752 SAC
UK0030078 Alyn Valley Woods/ Coedwigoedd Dyffryn Alun W Ddinbych/ Denbighshire; Sir y Fflint/ Flintshire 166.67 SAC
UK0030114 Bae Cemlyn/ Cemlyn Bay W Ynys Môn/ Isle of Anglesey 43.17 SAC
UK0012926 Berwyn a Mynyddoedd de Clwyd/ Berwyn and South Clwyd Mountains W Ddinbych/ Denbighshire; Gwynedd; Powys; Sir y Fflint/ Flintshire; Wrecsam/ Wrexham 27208.51 SAC
UK0030090 Blackmill Woodlands W Pen-y-bont ar Ogwr/ Bridgend 70.05 SAC
UK0030092 Blaen Cynon W Rhondda, Cynon, Taf/ Rhondda, Cynon, Taff 66.52 SAC
UK0030096 Brecon Beacons/ Bannau Brycheiniog W Powys 268.63 SAC
UK0030104 Cadair Idris W Gwynedd 3784.36 SAC
UK0030105 Caeau Mynydd Mawr W Caerfyrddin/ Carmarthenshire 24.78 SAC
UK0030109 Cardiff Beech Woods W Caerdydd/ Cardiff; Rhondda, Cynon, Taf/ Rhondda, Cynon, Taff 114.45 SAC
UK0012712 Cardigan Bay/ Bae Ceredigion W Ceredigion; Penfro/ Pembrokeshire 95857.06 SAC
UK0020020 Carmarthen Bay and Estuaries/ Bae Caerfyrddin ac Aberoedd W Abertawe/ Swansea; Caerfyrddin/ Carmarthenshire; Penfro/ Pembrokeshire 66092.05 SAC
UK0020019 Carmarthen Bay Dunes/ Twyni Bae Caerfyrddin W Abertawe/ Swansea; Caerfyrddin/ Carmarthenshire 1204.02 SAC
UK0030070 Cernydd Carmel W Caerfyrddin/ Carmarthenshire 361 SAC
UK0030271 Clogwyni Pen Llyn/ Seacliffs of Lleyn W Gwynedd 1045.02 SAC
UK0030117 Coed Cwm Einion W Ceredigion 20.92 SAC
UK0012766 Coed y Cerrig W Fynwy/ Monmouthshire 8.99 SAC
UK0030146 Coedwigoedd Dyffryn Elwy/ Elwy Valley Woods W Ddinbych/ Denbighshire; Conwy 81.44 SAC
UK0030124 Coedwigoedd Penrhyn Creuddyn/ Creuddyn Peninsula Woods W Conwy 117.97 SAC
UK0012748 Coedydd a Cheunant Rheidol/ Rheidol Woods and Gorge W Ceredigion 228.58 SAC
UK0030118 Coedydd Aber W Gwynedd 345.88 SAC
UK0014789 Coedydd Derw a Safleoedd Ystlumod Meirion/ Meirionnydd Oakwoods and Bat Sites W Gwynedd 2812.79 SAC
UK0030119 Coedydd Llawr-y-glyn W Powys 99.21 SAC
UK0030141 Coedydd Nedd a Mellte W Castell-Nedd a Porth Talbot/ Neath and Port Talbot; Powys; Rhondda, Cynon, Taf/ Rhondda, Cynon, Taff 376.32 SAC
UK0030145 Coetiroedd Cwm Elan/ Elan Valley Woodlands W Powys 438.74 SAC
UK0014790 Cors Caron W Ceredigion 862 SAC
UK0014791 Cors Fochno W Ceredigion 653 SAC
UK0030121 Corsydd Eifionydd W Gwynedd 144.18 SAC
UK0030187 Corsydd Llyn/ Lleyn Fens W Gwynedd 282.7 SAC
UK0012884 Corsydd Môn/ Anglesey Fens W Ynys Môn/ Isle of Anglesey 465.04 SAC
UK0012885 Crymlyn Bog/ Cors Crymlyn W Abertawe/ Swansea; Castell-Nedd a Porth Talbot/ Neath and Port Talbot 299.42 SAC
UK0013585 Cwm Cadlan W Rhondda, Cynon, Taf/ Rhondda, Cynon, Taff 84.2 SAC
UK0030127 Cwm Clydach Woodlands / Coedydd Cwm Clydach W Blaenau Gwent; Fynwy/ Monmouthshire 28.08 SAC
UK0030128 Cwm Doethie - Mynydd Mallaen W Caerfyrddin/ Carmarthenshire; Ceredigion 4121.73 SAC
UK0030131 Dee Estuary/ Aber Dyfrdwy EW Cheshire; Sir y Fflint/ Flintshire; Wirral 15805.27 SAC
UK0030132 Deeside and Buckley Newt Sites W Sir y Fflint/ Flintshire 206.19 SAC
UK0012878 Drostre Bank W Powys 12.58 SAC
UK0030139 Dunraven Bay W Bro Morgannwg/ Vale of Glamorgan 6.45 SAC
UK0012928 Elenydd W Ceredigion; Powys 8609.1 SAC
UK0012946 Eryri/ Snowdonia W Conwy; Gwynedd 19732.98 SAC
UK0012912 Fenn`s, Whixall, Bettisfield, Wem and Cadney Mosses EW Shropshire; Wrecsam/ Wrexham 948.84 SAC
UK0020025 Glannau Môn: Cors heli / Anglesey Coast: Saltmarsh W Ynys Môn/ Isle of Anglesey 1056.68 SAC
UK0013046 Glannau Ynys Gybi/ Holy Island Coast W Ynys Môn/ Isle of Anglesey 460.01 SAC
UK0030042 Glan-traeth W Ynys Môn/ Isle of Anglesey 13.98 SAC
UK0030113 Glaswelltiroedd Cefn Cribwr/ Cefn Cribwr Grasslands W Pen-y-bont ar Ogwr/ Bridgend 57.92 SAC
UK0012661 Glynllifon W Gwynedd 187.28 SAC
UK0030157 Gower Ash Woods/ Coedydd Ynn Gwyr W Abertawe/ Swansea 229.63 SAC
UK0012685 Gower Commons/ Tiroedd Comin Gwyr W Abertawe/Swansea 1775.29 SAC
UK0030158 Granllyn W Powys 20.84 SAC
UK0014788 Great Orme`s Head/ Pen y Gogarth W Conwy 302.27 SAC
UK0030160 Grogwynion W Ceredigion 42.11 SAC
UK0030144 Gweunydd Blaencleddau W Penfro/ Pembrokeshire 149.13 SAC
UK0030163 Halkyn Mountain/ Mynydd Helygain W Sir y Fflint/ Flintshire 604.33 SAC
UK0030173 Johnstown Newt Sites W Wrecsam/ Wrexham 69.29 SAC
UK0012566 Kenfig/ Cynffig W Bro Morgannwg/ Vale of Glamorgan; Pen-y-bont ar Ogwr/ Bridgend 1189.14 SAC
UK0014787 Limestone Coast of South West Wales/ Arfordir Calchfaen de Orllewin Cymru W Abertawe/ Swansea; Penfro/ Pembrokeshire 1583.86 SAC
UK0012985 Llangorse Lake/ Llyn Syfaddan W Powys 215.44 SAC
UK0030185 Llwyn W Ddinbych/ Denbighshire 21.97 SAC
UK0030186 Llyn Dinam W Ynys Môn/ Isle of Anglesey 36.72 SAC
UK0030205 Migneint-Arenig-Dduallt W Conwy; Gwynedd 19966.12 SAC
UK0030213 Montgomery Canal W Powys 51.46 SAC
UK0030049 Morfa Harlech a Morfa Dyffryn W Gwynedd 1059.96 SAC
UK0030161 Mwyngloddiau Fforest Gwydir/ Gwydyr Forest Mines W Conwy 39.13 SAC
UK0030221 Mynydd Epynt W Powys 40.11 SAC
UK0030227 North Pembrokeshire Woodlands/ Coedydd Gogledd Sir Benfro W Penfro/ Pembrokeshire 313.8 SAC
UK0030229 North West Pembrokeshire Commons/ Comins Gogledd Orllewin Sir Benfro W Penfro/ Pembrokeshire 247.06 SAC
UK0014793 Pembrokeshire Bat Sites and Bosherston Lakes/ Safleoedd Ystlum Sir Benfro a Llynnoedd Bosherston W Penfro/ Pembrokeshire 121.26 SAC
UK0013116 Pembrokeshire Marine/ Sir Benfro Forol W Penfro/ Pembrokeshire 138038.5 SAC
UK0013117 Pen Llyn a`r Sarnau/ Lleyn Peninsula and the Sarnau W Ceredigion; Gwynedd; Powys 146010.52 SAC
UK0012598 Preseli W Penfro/ Pembrokeshire 2701.68 SAC
UK0012945 Rhinog W Gwynedd 3144.31 SAC
UK0014792 Rhos Goch W Powys 68 SAC
UK0012680 Rhos Llawr-cwrt W Ceredigion 45.95 SAC
UK0030245 Rhos Talglas W Ceredigion 53.38 SAC
UK0030252 River Dee and Bala Lake/ Afon Dyfrdwy a Llyn Tegid EW Cheshire; Ddinbych/ Denbighshire; Gwynedd; Shropshire; Sir y Fflint/ Flintshire; Wrecsam/ Wrexham 1271.32 SAC
UK0013007 River Usk/ Afon Wysg W Casnewydd/ Newport; Fynwy/ Monmouthshire; Powys 967.97 SAC
UK0012642 River Wye/ Afon Gwy EW Fynwy/ Monmouthshire; Gloucestershire; Herefordshire; Powys 2147.64 SAC
UK0013030 Severn Estuary/ Môr Hafren EW Bro Morgannwg/ Vale of Glamorgan; Caerdydd/ Cardiff; Casnewydd/ Newport; City of Bristol; Fynwy/ Monmouthshire; Gloucestershire; North Somerset; Somerset; South Gloucestershire 73714.11 SAC
UK0013045 St David`s / Ty Ddewi W Penfro/ Pembrokeshire 934.3 SAC
UK0030072 Sugar Loaf Woodlands W Fynwy/ Monmouthshire 173.09 SAC
UK0014783 Tanat and Vyrnwy Bat Sites/ Safleoedd Ystlumod Tanat ac Efyrnwy W Ddinbych/ Denbighshire; Powys 11.55 SAC
UK0014784 Usk Bat Sites/ Safleoedd Ystlumod Wysg W Fynwy/ Monmouthshire; Powys 1686 SAC
UK0014794 Wye Valley and Forest of Dean Bat Sites/ Safleoedd Ystlumod Dyffryn Gwy a Fforest y Ddena EW Fynwy/ Monmouthshire; Gloucestershire 144.82 SAC
UK0012727 Wye Valley Woodlands/ Coetiroedd Dyffryn Gwy EW Fynwy/ Monmouthshire; Gloucestershire; Herefordshire 913.32 SAC
UK0030202 Y Fenai a Bae Conwy/ Menai Strait and Conwy Bay W Conwy; Gwynedd; Ynys Môn/ Isle of Anglesey 26501.64 SAC
UK0020021 Y Twyni o Abermenai i Aberffraw/ Abermenai to Aberffraw Dunes W Gwynedd; Ynys Môn/ Isle of Anglesey 1868.6 SAC
UK0030305 Yerbeston Tops W Penfro/ Pembrokeshire 18.6 SAC



EU Code Name Country Local Authority Area (ha) Status
UK0030387 Anton Dohrn Seamount Offshore   142861 SAC
UK0030368 Bassurelle Sandbank Offshore   6709 SAC
UK0030357 Braemar Pockmarks Offshore   518 SAC
UK0030396 Bristol Channel Approaches / Dynesfeydd Môr Hafren EWO Extra-Regio 584994 SAC
UK0030381 Croker Carbonate Slabs Offshore   11599 SCI
UK0030317 Darwin Mounds Offshore   137726 SAC
UK0030352 Dogger Bank Offshore   1233115 SAC
UK0030389 East Rockall Bank Offshore   369489 SAC
UK0030353 Haig Fras Offshore   47569.38 SAC
UK0030369 Haisborough, Hammond and Winterton EO   146759 SAC
UK0030388 Hatton Bank Offshore   1569433 Candidate
UK0030370 Inner Dowsing, Race Bank and North Ridge EO   84514 SAC
UK0030398 North Anglesey Marine / Gogledd Môn Forol WO Extra-Regio 324949 SAC
UK0030399 North Channel NIO Extra-Regio 160367 SAC
UK0030358 North Norfolk Sandbanks and Saturn Reef Offshore   360341 SAC
UK0030363 North West Rockall Bank Offshore   436526 SAC
UK0030379 Pisces Reef Complex Offshore   873 SAC
UK0030385 Pobie Bank Reef SO   96575 SAC
UK0030354 Scanner Pockmark Offshore   335 SAC
UK0030386 Solan Bank Reef SO   85593 SAC
UK0030395 Southern North Sea EO Extra-Regio 3695054 SAC
UK0030359 Stanton Banks Offshore   81727 SAC
UK0030397 West Wales Marine / Gorllewin Cymru Forol WO Extra-Regio 737614 SAC
UK0030380 Wight-Barfleur Reef Offshore   137344 SAC
UK0030355 Wyville Thomson Ridge Offshore   173995 SAC


Many designated sites are on private land: the listing of a site in these pages does not imply any right of public access.

Key to site status abbreviations

  • SAC     =    Special Area of Conservation
  • SCI       =    Site of Community Importance
  • cSAC/Candidate   =    candidate Special Area of Conservation 
  • pSAC   =    possible Special Area of Conservation 

Site area and location information for pSACs, where available, is provisional. Descriptive site details are not available for pSACs.


Click for explanation of what the above terms mean 


Where an extension to a designated SAC or SCI is pending, different parts of the site can have different statuses - so, for example part of the site may be SAC, and the remainder cSAC. In this case the site would only appear once in the table, with the whole site shown as SAC.