Contact Arrangements with Statutory conservation agencies for oil pollution incidents


JNCC provides nature conservation and environmental sensitivities advice in the event of a marine pollution incident. Out remit is offshore (>12nm).

The Maritime and Coastguard Agency is the competent authority in the UK that responds to pollution from vessels and DECC is the competent authority in the UK that responds to pollution from oil and gas installations.


The organisation responsible for providing advice on the environmental sensitivities is dependent upon the location of a spill or incident, and it is important to determine which organisations are appropriate for the area of the incident.  The Joint Nature Conservation Committee, Natural England, Scottish Natural Heritage, Countryside Council for Wales and the Northern Ireland Environment Agency deal with pollution incidents in their jurisdictions (see table).


Fisheries advice is provided by Marine Scotland (in Scottish waters out to 200 nautical miles), or the Marine Management Organisation (for English and Welsh waters out to 200 nautical miles).


The contact arrangements in case of oil spills or other major pollution incidents in UK waters for these organisations are as follows:


UK Offshore and International


Joint Nature Conservation Committee (JNCC)

In the first instance please dial 24 hour telephone: 07974257464

Fax: 01224 896170



UK waters


Maritime and Coastguard Agency (MCA)

Counter Pollution Officer

Office Hours: 023 8032 9525

If you need to contact MCA outside office hours then the relevant local coastguard office should be contacted.



Marine Scotland

UK waters (excluding English and Welsh waters)

24 hour telephone: 07770733423



Marine Management Organisation (MMO)

UK waters (excluding Scottish waters)

Office hours telephone: 0300 2002024



Scotland (out to 12nm)

England (out to 12nm)

Scottish Natural Heritage (SNH)

John Baxter

Office hours telephone: 0131 316 2610

24 hour telephone: 07774161273

24 hour pager: 07699761509

Fax: 0131 316 2690

Natural England


Office hours telephone: 0300 060 1200



Wales (out to 12nm)

Northern Ireland

Natural Resourses Wales

24 Hr Number: 029 2049 1719 (Dispersant Duty Officer)

24/7 ICC Incident Communications Centre number  0300 065 5111

Northern Ireland Environment Agency

24 hour telephone: 0800 807060


Isle of Man (out to 12nm)


Isle of Man Department of Infrastructure

Captain Michael Brew

24 hour telephone: 01624 686627

Fax: 01624 626403



For offshore international waters and all other waters or if contacts are unavailable contact the Joint Nature Conservation Committee.


Reporting oil spills using above contact list


Fax ALL spills - To relevant number(s)

Telephone or page - If spill exceeds 1 tonne In blocks wholly or partly within 25 nautical miles of the coast or in environmentally sensitive areas

Telephone or page - If spill exceeds 25 tonne in any other area


If you are unsure if the spill is in an "environmentally sensitive areas", please assume that it is.


Oil Spill Contingency Planning, Response and Impact Assessment


Please refer to the JNCC contingency planning webpage for details and information about emergency wildlife response including contact details for the  Sealarm Foundation and information about the  Premiam project that is developing guidelines for marine monitoring and assessment of oil and chemical spills.