Marine Life Information Network (MarLIN)

The Marine Life Information Network for Britain and Ireland (MarLIN) was established by the Marine Biological Association of the UK in collaboration with JNCC and major holders and users of marine biological data and information in Britain and Ireland. It was developed in 1997 from the requirements of different organisations for the same information to protect and manage the marine environment. This information includes: descriptions of where particular habitats, communities and species occur; descriptions of the features of those habitats communities and species and, their sensitivity in relation to natural events and human activities.

Two fans of Eunicella verrucosa
showing the two morphs, pink and white
© Keith Hiscock
MarLIN provides a structure for linking available data on marine life around Britain and Ireland, which provides the marine node to the National Biodiversity Network (NBN). It also improves the access, display and interpretation of information in support of environmental management, protection and education by linking marine biological survey information from a variety of sources so that it can be searched from the website.

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