Marine Recorder


Marine Recorder Application


Marine Recorder is the database application used by JNCC and the organisations listed below to store marine benthic sample data such as species, physical attributes and biotopes.  It is fully compatible with the NBN data model, enabling data to be contributed to the NBN Atlas.


In addition to the Marine Recorder application, there are Marine Recorder modules and tools that enable the stored data to be filtered, reported, queried, disseminated, and merged with other Marine Recorder datasets. The application is freely available to download and use.

Click to access the download page for the Marine Recorder application, modules and detailed manuals.

(version 5.40; updated November 2015 )

Please note where documentation is currently unavailable for the latest Marine Recorder version 5, documentation and manuals for Marine Recorder version 4 should be used in conjunction with the Marine Recorder version 5 release notes.


Marine Recorder Data


Data extracted from a Marine Recorder database into a queryable format is known as a Marine Recorder Snapshot. It is an Access database and does not require the Marine Recorder application to be installed. JNCC periodically compiles and combines all local Marine Recorder Snapshots into a single UK-wide version, a public version of this snapshot is available to download here:

Click to download the latest public Marine Recorder Snapshot

(zip file 369 MB; version 12 February 2019)


Contributors of data to the UK Marine Recorder Snapshot are:

Centre for Environmental Data and Recording (CEDaR, Northern Ireland)
Data Archive for Seabed Species and Habitats (DASSH)
Joint Nature Conservation Committee
Natural England
Natural Resources Wales (formerly Countryside Council for Wales and referred to as such or CCW in this version)
Porcupine Marine Natural History Society
Scottish Natural Heritage
Seasearch (Marine Conservation Society)
Shoresearch Kent Wildlife Trust
The Wildlife Trusts


Marine Recorder Snapshot Statistics

Surveys 3,680
Biotope Records 236,122
Species Records 3,401,929


Specific requests for data and further information should be made to the relevant body (see README file for how to identify relevant body). For general information about Marine Recorder or for questions about JNCC-held data, please contact .


The continued development of the Marine Recorder application is funded by: JNCC, Natural England, Natural Resources Wales, Northern Ireland Environment Agency and Scottish Natural Heritage.