National Biodiversity Network (NBN)

The NBN is a national project that is building the UK's first network of biodiversity information. It is a union of organisations that are collaborating to create a biodiversity information network available through the internet. It is used in the same way as a normal search engine to help find biodiversity information which has been published on the websites of NBN partners. However, it is much more than a search engine and allows access to raw biodiversity datasets on species, habitats and sites.
By providing easy access to this information it can meet a wide range of conservation, research, education and public participation needs. The NBN Atlas aims to provide a single window which allows you to access and view the information that is available within the National Biodiversity Network.
The JNCC is providing marine survey data sets from their Marine Nature Conservation Review (MNCR), which through Marine Recorder will link into the NBN to allow the information to be disseminated widely.