Stakeholder involvement

The Pilot project required a communications strategy to inform stakeholders about its purpose, timescale, progress and conclusions, to identify sources of information required, to consult stakeholders on draft outputs and conclusions and to promote the outcomes nationally and internationally.
The strategy adopted included setting up a stakeholder database that grew to over 1000 contacts during the project, a website, newsletters, presentations, formal and informal consultations and short articles in relevant publications.
Steering group
The Steering Group was set up by Defra at the start of the Pilot project with a membership involving Irish Sea Governments, Devolved Administrations, Government Departments, NGOs and economic sectors. Membership and terms of reference are available online:
A report of how the Pilot project publicised its work and communicated with stakeholders is available for download ( Vincent et al., 2004). This report includes the communication strategy prepared at the start of the Pilot project in full, comments on how the strategy was implemented, proposals and best practice for communication in future regional sea management projects. The effectiveness of the Pilot's communication strategy was evaluated by collating steering group responses to a questionnaire prepared by the Pilot project team in January 2004.
Executive summary
The pilot project published three newsletters.