Marine Earth Science sites of national importance in the Irish Sea

The RMNC requested the Pilot project to investigate the rationale for earth heritage conservation in the marine environment, and to recommend the most appropriate means of conserving nationally-important marine geological and geomorphological sites.
In order to develop a rationale for marine geological and geomorphological conservation, the Pilot project commissioned the University of Wales, Bangor, to review this issue and to reach conclusions. Following receipt of their report (Furze, M. 2003) on this work the Pilot project further commissioned the University to implement their recommendations in relation to the Irish Sea, and insofar as was possible, develop a list of nationally-important geological and geomorphological areas for the Irish Sea. (Furze and Roberts, 2004).
In the light of this work, the Pilot project recommends that Nationally-important areas for geology and geomorphology in the marine environment should be identified from present knowledge, and measures taken to conserve them which are proportionate and relevant to likely threats from human activities. To the extent practicable, conservation measures taken should be integrated with those taken for the conservation of biological diversity.