Legislation & enforcement

The Pilot project was required to consider the extent to which the nature conservation framework could be delivered in the UK through existing systems of regulation, and what additional measures might be needed. Three approaches were used to assess the effectiveness of existing legislation in meeting the needs identified in the draft framework for marine nature conservation, namely:
  1. a review of existing legal mechanisms that apply in the Irish Sea was commissioned from the Institute of Estuarine and Coastal Studies at the University of Hull;
  2. consultations were undertaken with Irish Sea stakeholders;
  3. the Pilot's conservation objectives for the Irish Sea, and the management actions developed from them, were tested against existing legal mechanisms.


The Pilot project also participated in the work of the subgroup on legislative issues established by the Review of Marine Nature Conservation.
The following reports prepared by IECS are available soon for download

Isle of Man Legislation and enforcement

Isle of Man legislation, regulation and governance was reviewed under a research contract with the Centre for Marine & Coastal Studies, The University of Liverpool Port Erin Marine Lab, jointly funded by the Irish SeaPilot project and the Isle of Man Government. The reports of this work are available from this website and from the Isle of Man Government, but thePilot project is not making recommendations in relation to legislation in the Isle of Man.