Practical application of habitat maps for spatial planning and environmental management

Diversity in the nature of the project partner's business was a core strength of the the MESH Partnership, particularly since we had Partners whose business makes use of habitat maps in addressing practical applications of marine spatial planning and environmental management.
Irish Sea © MESH
From the outset, the MESH Project set out to engage with end-users to ensure the project's key products met with their requirements. Furthermore, such stakeholder engagement ensured that the project drew on their previous experience of using maps to help design the outputs to better meet stakeholder's needs.
MESH demonstrated, through case studies and workshops, the political, economic and environmental value of marine habitat maps for regional/spatial planning for sustainable marine resource management in the Northwest Europe INTERREG-IIIB Area. These workshops helped gather end-user feedback on marine habitat mapping needs and formats (e.g. type of data, scale, paper versus electronic, etc.). This information contributed to the development of a follow-on strategy after the end of the MESH project.

Outputs and Products

The key products from Action 5 were:
Additional outputs are available in the Products Library.
Activities undertaken in the Irish Sea where a pilot
study was used to test the potential for spatial planning
mechanisms to manage marine resources.