Mangement of the MESH Project

Management of the day-to-day work and setting the strategic and technical direction of the MESH project was undertaken through two groups comprising representatives from all Project Partners. In addition there was a Technical Group to discuss and review the technical activities of the project.  
JNCC (UK) as the lead partner was responsible to INTERREG for the overall management of the MESH Project to ensure it delivered the key products. A legally binding partnership agreement known as the MESH Joint Convention was signed by all partners to cover the operation of the partnership. 
JNCC established a Project Team comprising a full-time Project Co-ordinator and a Project Administrator who were responsible for the effective running of the project and day to day co-ordination of partner activities. These staff provide the overall management for the project and act as the main link with the NWE INTERREG secretariat.
Group Purpose Membership
Steering Group Overall responsibility for the delivery of the MESH Project by monitoring project progress, providing guidance on delivery – particularly with regard to stakeholder needs, ensuring completion of deliverables and providing high-level promotion of the project amongst stakeholders. Partner Directors or Senior Managers
Management Group  The main management mechanism for the delivery of the MESH Project by agreeing the overall scope of the work, monitoring progress of each action against the project timetable and targets, ensure proper co-ordination of effort and exchange of information between partners, and reviewing project deliverables. Partner Project Leaders
Technical Group  A forum for the discussion of technical aspects of the project, to share information between partners and review the project deliverables. Project leaders and Partner Staff undertaking the scientific work
JNCC's Project Management Team provided a secretariat to all three groups.

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