Work areas covered by the MESH ProjectMESH Banner © MESH

The MESH project has the following six technical work areas or actions (lead organisations are shown in brackets).  Further information on each of these areas can be found by clicking on the link:
  1. Generating habitat maps for north-west Europe (JNCC)
  2. Developing standards and protocols for marine habitat mapping (Marine Institute & IFREMER) 
  3. Testing/fieldwork (TNO)
  4. Predictive modelling  (University of Gent & IFREMER)
  5. Demonstrating the application of habitat maps for spatial planning and environmental management  (Marine Institute)
  6. Communicating the results (all Partners)


A further action covers the overall Project Management, which is the responsibility of the JNCC. Each action is further broken down into workpackages, the details of which are described over the following pages.