Accessibility information

JNCC is working to fulfill its responsibilities under the Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) to ensure  that its services are offered on equal terms to all in the community.  A key aspect of this is website accessibility - we aim to publish via the internet as much of our work as possible, in a format available to assistive technologies as well as mainstream web browsers.

Features to improve accessibility

Access Keys

This site currently supports the following access keys, in line with the UK government accesskeys standard:


Access Key     Description
SSkip Nav
1JNCC - Adviser to Government on Nature Conservation
3Site Map
0List Access Keys


Press [ALT] along with the indicated key followed by the return key as a short cut to the feature.



Mac users should press [CONTROL] rather than [ALT]

Opera users should press [SHIFT][ESC] rather than [ALT]


'Skip link'

The access key  "S" (see above) provides a means of bypassing the site navigation and moving straight to the unique page content.

Text only version

We aim to make the graphical version of this website accessible to all major browsing technologies but provide a high-contrast text-only version as an alternative.

Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)

This website makes extensive use of cascading style sheets for styling and positioning of content.  Proportional size fonts are used throughout so visitors can resize the text if required.  The page layouts are 'fluid' so content will re-flow as you re-size the browser window.

Contact us

If you have any comments or problems with accessibility on this site please contact us - we are particularly interested to hear from those using assistive technologies to help us understand areas of the site that can be improved from an accessibility approach.


Please contact us at .