2nd Meeting of the UK Biodiversity Indicators Forum


The 2nd UK Biodiversity Indicators forum meeting took place on 16th June 2003 and was hosted by Defra. The programme for the day is reproduced as Annex 1 of the meeting report, whilst Annex 2 provides a list of attendees and the organisations they represent. Thirty people attended the Forum, representing 16 organisations, an indication of the widespread interest in the topic of the day.
Twelve presentations were made, with intervening and concluding discussion sessions.The report provides a brief summary of the key outcomes of the day, particularly in relation to ideas for the development of an indicator or indicators of marine biodiversity for the England Biodiversity Strategy (EBS) and Quality of life counts (QOLC) indicator sets.
One obvious gap in the programme related to the potential relevance of developmental work for implementation of the Water Framework Directive (2000/60/EC) (WFD) in the UK. This was researched after the meeting and is outlined in brief in Section 3.2.
Meeting Report  (PDF 84 kb)