Publications - Species


These publications illustrate work done by JNCC to support Species Conservation in the UK. Current topics of interest>>>



A report of the statutory nature conservation agencies' contribution under the UK Biodiversity Action Plan.


Margaret Palmer
The information in this Fact File has been abstracted mainly from published work, including the web sites of UK statutory nature conservation agencies.



D R Seaward
A second report on operations at Fleet oyster farm, known as Abbotsbury Oysters (in existence until 2004), and on spatfall from the Pacific oyster cultivated on the farm in 1993.

Reptiles & Ampibians

A manual offering accessible text to workers involved in the conservation and management of amphibians and reptiles. Please note that some of the information contained within this publication is out of date. This manual is currently out of print and only available to download as a PDF.


D.E Pritchard, S.D Housden, G.P Mudge, C.A Galbraith & M.W Pienkowski (Eds)
This book lists 256 areas in the UK considered internationally important for the conservation of wild birds [in 1992]. These areas are designated under the European Communities Directive on the Conservation of Wild Birds and many are also under the Ramsar Convention on Wetlands of International Importance.


P.W.W Lurz, P.J Garson
This report concerns the potential for utilising hair-tubes as a method for the survey and monitoring of red squirrels in the UK.