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These publications illustrate work done by JNCC to support Species Conservation in the UK. Current topics of interest>>>


Margaret Palmer
The information in this Fact File has been abstracted mainly from published work, including the web sites of UK statutory nature conservation agencies.

Aquatic plants

Palmer, M
Drawing on extensive survey work, this book classifies standing waters into ten types based on their aquatic plant communities. It also discusses the trophic requirements of water plants and suggests a method for monitoring water quality using this information. This edition follows reanalysis of the data, providing revised, and in places refined, results.

Higher plants

Cheffings, C. and Farrell, L. (Editors)
Produced as part of the JNCC Species Status Assessment project, to assess the status of vascular plants throughout Great Britain. IMPORTANT: the Vascular Plant Red Data List for Great Britain has recently been revised (2006). The amended version has been incoporated into a a single downloadable spreadsheet of conservation designations. This spreadsheet has various types of legislative and status lists and also includes other taxonomic groups.

Lower plants

Hodgetts, N.G.
Written for the practical conservationist who is not a specialist in lower plants. Deals with the ecological importance of lower plants in British woodlands and factors that affect species diversity.

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