Corporate publications

JNCC produces a number of corporate publications to both fulfil our statutory obligations and inform other of the work we do, our priorities and direction.

Annual Report

A statutory overview of our work and progress made.  Each edition is a commentary on the particular Financial Year in question.  Our Annual Reports are free to all those interested in finding out more about us.
JNCC Annual Report and Accounts for the year ending 31 March 2018


Annual Review

The Annual Review gives an overview of the organisation and summarises the work delivered for the Financial Year.  

Annual Review for Year Ending 31 March 2018



The Strategy and strategic plan sets out how we will deliver our Strategy for 2017-2020.


Triennial Review

The Cabinet Office requires Non-Departmental Public Bodies (NDPBs) to be reviewed every 3 years by their parent department.

The review considered how the Joint Nature Conservation Committee (JNCC)  delivers the government’s priorities for the environment with improved resilience in the face of current and future environmental and economic challenges.


JNCC Design Identity 

Everything bearing the JNCC logo, colours and typography together make up that visual identity and contribute to the JNCC image.

JNCC Design Identity - November 2014


Environmental management

JNCC recognises that many of our activities have an impact on the environment. As a Government body, we aim to conduct our business and operations to reflect best environmental practice. We aim to implement an environmental management system appropriate to the location, scale and nature of our work.

Nature News

Issued three times a year, Nature News gives a current update on happenings within JNCC's work areas.  This newsletter is available free to everyone with an interest in our activities – email  with your name and address and we will add you to the electronic mailing list.
Winter 2014 edition of JNCC's newsletter Nature News

Quinquennial review

The Government reviewed the way JNCC operates, and made several recommendations to improve efficiency and enhance its service delivery.  This was done via a Financial, Management and Policy Review (FMPR).  Coming out from this are changes to the way staff are employed, funding arrangements, and the membership of the Committee.

Sustainable Development Action Plan 2007-09

The JNCC Sustainable Development Action Plan demonstrates our contribution to the UK’s Sustainable Development strategy and the importance that we attach to our environmental, social and economic footprint.


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