Publications - Invertebrates

A number of invertebrate red lists have been published recently largely under the management of Natural England. More red lists are in preparation and include water bugs, macro moths, a range of beetle groups, craneflies, hymenoptera, aculeate bees wasps and ants, and acalyptrate flies.

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These publications illustrate work done by JNCC to support Species Conservation in the UK. Current topics of interest>>>


D R Seaward
A second report on operations at Fleet oyster farm, known as Abbotsbury Oysters (in existence until 2004), and on spatfall from the Pacific oyster cultivated on the farm in 1993.

Invertebrates of specific localities

Goater, B
The observations of over 70 lepidopterists who have worked in the county over the last 15 years. This book adds to, and in places corrects, an earlier volume by the same author.

Rare & scarce species

Parsons, M.S
2nd volume of the review of scarcer microlepidoptera; gives data sheets for 83 species.

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