Publications - Invertebrates of specific localities

Fowles, A
A review of each of the 536 macro-moths recorded from Ceredigion, plus a checklist of the micromoths, a bibliography and discussion of habitats.
Goater, B
The observations of over 70 lepidopterists who have worked in the county over the last 15 years. This book adds to, and in places corrects, an earlier volume by the same author.
Fowles. A.P
A summary of the rare and unusual invertebrates of Wales. Regional accounts by habitat ofthe invertebrate communities and more notable species, with black-and-white and colour photographs. Also describes nature reserves and other important sites for invertebrates, lists relevant conservation organisations, has a selected bibliography and lists protected species.
Seaward, D.R
Knowledge of the distribution of species is essential to marine nature conservation. This volume identifies some molluscs whose distributions are so restricted that they may be considered endangered, and provides a baseline against which future trends in species distribution may be determined.
Seaward, D.R
Updates the Distribution of the marine molluscs of north-west Europe (No. 16707) to 1 January 1991, including revised nomenclature. 22 pages A4 softback