Publications - Birds of particular localities

White, R. & Webb, A.
A summary of a twelve-month study in 1994 into the distribution and abundance of seabirds and marine mammals in the coastal waters of mid-Dorset between Portland Bill and Durlston Head. Includes a number of maps, black and white photographs and line drawings. Also contains a detailed description of the vulnerability of seabird and marine mammal concentrations in the area to the potential impacts of oil exploration off the coast, with recommendations for alleviating the greatest risks of these impacts.
Aspinall, S.J. & Tasker, M.L.
Report on the importance of Poole Bay and Christchurch Bay for seabirds, with a summary of the occurrence of birds in adjacent estuaries.
Benn, S., Murray, S. & Tasker, M.L.
A species by species guide to the birds of these two Hebridean islands, a discussion of the importance of the surrounding sea, and a brief history of human occupation.
Stroud, D.A., Reed, T.M., Pienkowski, M.W. and Lindsay, R.A.
Birds, bogs and forestry presented the initial results of surveys undertaken by the Nature Conservancy Council (NCC) in the Flow Country of Caithness and Sutherland.