General habitats publications

First published 1990; reprinted in 1993; reprinted in 2003 with limited revisions & additions; reprinted in 2004; reprinted in 2007 with minor additions; reprinted in 2010.
Tucker, G., Bassi, S., Anderson, J., Chiavari, J., Casper, K. and Fergusson, M.
This report provides a broad overview of 15 energy technologies identified by JNCC, including their life cycle carbon dioxide reduction potential and their other environmental impacts.
Rodwell, J.S
This handbook gives a detailed description of the NVC methods for collection of vegetation relevés (quadrat) data, the methodology for sampling vegetation in the field, and the analysis and description of NVC data.
Jackson, D.L. & McLeod, C.R. (Editors)
Rodwell, J.S., Dring, J.C., Averis, A.B.G., Proctor, M.C.F., Malloch, A.J.C., Schaminée, J.N.J., & Dargie T.C.D.,
This publication presents the results of the JNCC commissioned review of the coverage of the NVC in 1998. It contains information on the current coverage of the NVC; identifies both the known and likely gaps in the plant community descriptions; and places these new types into the phytosociological scheme of the NVC.
Jackson D.L.
This report contains the definitions for each of the terrestrial and freshwater types of the biodiversity Broad Habitat Classification
Hopkins, J.J. and Buck, A.L.
The five Biogeographical Regions are a key concept in the EC Habitats Directive (Council Directive 92/43/EEC on the conservation of natural habitats and of wild fauna and flora). Sites for the protection of habitats listed at Annex I and species listed at Annex II of the Directive, will be selected as Special Areas of Conservation in the context of their Biogeographical Region.
Kelly, P.G., & Perry, K.A.
The results of a Phase 1 habitat survey of Cumbria carried out between 1983 and 1987. Each habitat is discussed, with the threats facing it.
R A Lindsay, D J Charman, F Everingham, R M O'Reilly, M A Palmer, T A Rowell and D A Stroud
Budd, J., Oswald, P., & Welsh, P.
First report of the National Countryside Monitoring Scheme, including both methods and results

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