Coastal & Estuarine



Jones, P.D. & Chambers, R.D.
16 papers derived from a meeting of the Estuarine and Coastal Sciences Association in Penrith in April 1993, covering the geography of the Solway and Cumbrian coasts, water quality and monitoring, radioactive and heavy metal contamination, biological studies, conservation and management, and studies of the benthic marine wildlife.


Coastal Directories


Barne, J.H. et al
Effective management of the coastal zone depends on good knowledge of its resources and what affects them. The JNCC's Coastal Directories project, co-ordinated by JNCC on behalf of a wide-ranging funding consortium, collated extensive baseline environmental and human use information, including fisheries, for the coastal and nearshore marine zone of the whole of the UK, including Northern Ireland, the Isles of Scilly, Shetland, Orkney and the Isle of Man. The information is designed to meet the needs of planners and coastal zone managers and users. A disk set, in Adobe Acrobat format, is available to complement the book edition of most regional volumes and is supplied with free Windows-compatible reader software.




Buck, A.L.
Volume 3 of a seven-volume series which describes the estuaries of the UK, providing information on their size, location, wildlife, national importance and conservation status, using graphs, tables, text and maps.




Hill, M.I.
Details the major changes that have occurred and discusses the causes, including land-claim, accretion and grazing.


Sand Dunes


Radley G.P., Dargie T.C.D.
Sand dune vegetation survey of Great Britain: a national inventory. The National Vegetation Classification developed by Lancaster University is used to distinguish between different dune plant communities, making this three-volume set the most up-to-date description of British dune vegetation. The communities are described, their extent is tabulated, and the threats to dunes are discussed.




Ferry, B., Lodge, N., & Waters, S.
A detailed vegetation description of this unique coastal shingle structure

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