White, R.W., Gillon, K.W., Black, A.D. and Ried, J.B.
This report outlines the results of an intensive three-year study into theat-sea distribution of seabirds and marine mammals in the waters of the Falkland Islands.




K. Mazik, S. Boyes, E. McManus, J-P Ducrotoy, S. Rogers, M. Elliott


Marine Nature Conservation Review


K. Thorpe. M. Dalkin, F. Fortune & D.M. Nichols
The marine biology of the lagoons in the Outer Hebrides are described in 72 area summaries, based on intertidal and seabed surveys undertaken in the Marine Nature Conservation Review programme and other available data. Each area covers a marine inlet (such as an estuary, sealoch or lagoon) or stretch of open coast and gives details of its physical and biological character, the habitats present (according to the national habitat classification), current nature conservation designations, the main human influences and relevant literature. Maps show the sites surveyed and the distribution of each habitat. A summary of the habitats present in each area and a list of species recorded are given.


Marine Habitat Mapping


Connor, D.W., Gilliland, P.M. Golding, N. Robinson, P., Todd, D. & Verling, E
This report summarises the methods used in identifying and mapping the seabd and water column features of UK seas.