Marine (General)

Reid, J.B., Evans, P.G.H., & Northridge, S.P.
Presents an account and snapshot of the distribution of all 28 cetacean species that are know certainly to have occurred in the waters off north-west Europe in the last 25 years, but including also narwhal and melon-headed what for which records are as recent only as the 1940s. The atlas comprises chapters on methods, individual species accounts including natural history and distribution, and international protection of cetaceans.
White, R.W., Gillon, K.W., Black, A.D. and Ried, J.B.
This report outlines the results of an intensive three-year study into theat-sea distribution of seabirds and marine mammals in the waters of the Falkland Islands.
Davies, J., Baxter, J., Bradley, M., Connor, D., Khan, J., Murray, E., Sanderson, W., Turnbull, C. & Vincent, M.
The Marine Monitoring Handbook addresses the principles behind, and the procedures for, monitoring the habitats and species within marine SACs in UK waters to assess their condition. These assessments are intended to fulfil the requirements of the EC Habitats and Species Directive and the UK's common standards for monitoring.
Pollock, C.M., Mavor, R., Weir, C.R., Reid, A., White, R.W., Tasker, M.L., Webb, A., & Reid, J.B.
Examines the distribution and abundance of seabirds and cetaceans within this frontier. Information is based on ship and aircraft surveys conducted between June 1979 and March 1999.
Pierpoint, C.
Bycatch records of marine turtles are examined from the waters surrounding the UK and Eire. The primary sources of data for this region are records held in the database TURTLE (Pierpoint and Penrose 1999). Additional data have been gathered from marine mammal and discard monitoring programmes. Fishery interactions in other regions are reviewed and mitigation measures taken to reduce bycatch are also discussed.
White, R.W., Reid, J.B., A.D., Black, A.D., & Gillon, K.W.
Survey results have been used to map dispersion patterns of seabird and marine mammal species encountered, and the 12 month survey has greatly enhanced our knowledge of at-sea dispersion patterns of the internationally important seabird and cetacean communities around the Falkland Islands.
Eno., N.C., Clark, R.A. & Sanderson, W.G. (Edited by)
The study reported here was undertaken to collate details and review information about introductions of marine fauna and flora to Great Britain (England, Scotland and Wales). The focus of this review is on nature conservation and the work will be used to formulate policy on marine introductions in relation to nature conservation interests.
Hiscock, K., ed
Proceedings of a BioMar-Life workshop held in Cambridge. 16-18 November, 1994.
Joint Nature Conservation Committee
This chapter, dealing with the intertidal zone, is based on recent surveys and other research
Joint Nature Conservation Committee
Guidelines for selection of biological SSSIs: intertidal marine habitats and saline lagoons

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