Elkington, T., Dayton, N., Jackson, D.L., & Strachan, I.M.
This volume gives a detailed account of 38 mire communities and 22 heath communities in the UK, providing information on their composition, structure and distribution. From these descriptions, it also relates their similarity and environmental status to other types of vegetation categories, both in Britain and on the continent.
MacDonald, A.,
Describes the main types of biological and climatic damage to heather, including the influence of management practices, and their identification, prevention or reversal.
MacDonald, A., & Armstrong, H.
Amidst concern about loss of heather cover in the uplands, this book provides advice on how best to measure heather cover and how to monitor its extent and utilisation.
Farrell, L., ed.
L. Farrell, ed. A collection of papers given at a Heathland Habitat Network meeting held in 1981 in Dorset. Topics include management for birds, invertebrates, the marsh gentian and reptiles.