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Edited by Tara Pelembe and Gillian Cooper
Each chapter is authored by an individual or a group from the relevant Overseas Territory or Crown Dependency who has played a lead role in biodiversity conservation in their territory.
As part of Global Impacts Programme, JNCC is developing techniques to track commodities coming into the UK and investment flowing out with the objective of linking these flows of resources to potential ecosystem impacts around the world.
van Beukering, P., Brander, L., Tompkins, E. and McKenzie, E.
This toolkit provides clear guidance on how the value of the environment in small islands can be estimated and incorporated into planning and development decisions. It explains why you would undertake a study, who should be involved, how to implement the study and how to use the results.
Nagy, L., Thompson, D., Grabherr, G., Körner., C
This booklet is an introductory companion to the book 'Alpine Biodiversity in Europe' (2003). The book has arisen from the efforts of a network of scientists working on biodiversity throughout the alpine areas of Europe (ALPNET 1998-2000), sponsored by the European Science Foundation.
National Report submitted to the 8th Meeting of the Conference of the Parties, Valencia, Spain 2002
JNCC on behalf of DETR
Implementation of the Ramsar Convention in general, and of the Ramsar Strategic Plan 1997-2002 in particular, during the period since the National Report prepared in 1995 for Ramsar CoP6 and 30 June 1998
Procter, D.and Fleming, L.V. (Edited)
This report provides a profile of the biodiversity of the United Kingdom's Overseas Territories as a contribution to the development of plans for their conservation and sustainable use
This report summarises the UK's experience in implementing the European Community Directive 92/43/EEC on the Conservation of Natural Habitats and of Wild Fauna and Flora (the Habitats Directive) from 1994 to December 2000.
Harris, M.
This project was commisioned in response to large levels of trade in certain species from Togo. It covers the ecology of each species and provides a detailed outline of the trade of each species within Togo and the factors affecting such trade. A review of the captive production of these species in local reptile farms is also included.

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