Guidance for Common Standards Monitoring Introduction Text
JNCC and the country agencies commenced a programme to develop such guidance across the range of species, habitat and earth science features which occur on UK protected sites. This process is now complete but some updating of individual guidance documents may take place.


The introductory chapter to the Guidance manual provides an overview of the Common Standards Monitoring of designated sites adopted by the statutory nature conservation agencies. It covers the various concepts and terms, and provides the background to the guidance on setting conservation objectives, and assessing feature condition, covered in the later chapters of the manual.
4.1 UK sites as at 31 March 2003
4.2 Multiple Designations
5.1 The scope of conservation objectives
5.2 Favourable conservation status
6.1 Features to be monitored
6.2 Conservation objectives
6.3 Judging the condition of features
6.4 Recording threats and management measures
6.5 Monitoring cycle
6.6 Reporting arrangements
9.1 Basic principles
9.2 Range of attributes
9.3 Mandatory attributes
9.4 Flexibility
9.5 Discretionary attributes
10.1 Indirect measures
10.2 Direct measures
10.3 A balance of approaches
12.1 Woodlands
12.2 Coastal
13.1 Habitat mosaics
13.2 Transitions between habitats
14.1 What is an assemblage ?
14.2 Scoring systems
14.3 Indicator species
15.1 Variation within the UK
15.2 High quality features
15.3 Species poor sites
15.4 Flexibility
15.5 Indicators of local distinctiveness
17.1 Habitats and earth heritage features
17.2 Species
17.3 Unfavourable Recovering
17.4 Favourable recovered
17.5 Partially Destroyed
17.6 Destroyed
18.1 Personnel
18.2 Structured walks
18.3 Sampling large features/sites
18.4 Timing/frequency of monitoring
19.1 Pressure – State – Response
19.2 Standardised threats
19.3 Management measures
20.1 Operational practice
20.2 Application of guidance and comparability of targets
20.3 Consistency of results
20.4 Reliability of Results
20.5 Quality of guidance
22.1 Timetable
22.2 International reporting
22.3 ASSI / SSSI reporting
23.1 Agency and JNCC Initiatives
23.2 UK Guidance
23.3 Principles
23.4 Co-ordination
24.1 Revision of guidance
24.2 Use outside statutory sites
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Please cite as: JNCC, (2003), Guidance for Common Standards Monitoring Introduction Text