Common Standards Monitoring Guidance for Bryophytes and Lichens
Version July 2005
This chapter provides Common Standards Monitoring guidance for bryophytes and lichens (lichenised fungi) on designated sites, including SSSIs, ASSIs and SACs.


It includes advice on the identification of interest features, attributes, targets and methods of assessment.  It does not include guidance on monitoring either non­lichenised fungi or algae. Terminology for this group as a whole is confusing, and includes terms such as: 'lower plants', 'non-vascular plants' and 'cryptogams'.  These terms should be avoided as they are imprecise and confusing.  Any term using the word 'plant' should not be used to refer to fungi, which are in a separate kingdom. 'Cryptogams' include ferns, which are vascular plants; guidance for monitoring ferns was provided in the chapter on vascular plants.
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ISSN 1743-8160 (Online)
Please cite as: JNCC, (2005), Common Standards Monitoring Guidance for Bryophytes and Lichens, Version July 2005, ISSN 1743-8160 (Online)