Introduction to the guidance manual
26. Abbreviations and Acronyms



ASSI Area of Special Scientific Interest
BAP Biodiversity Action Plan
BSBI Botanical Society of the British Isles
CA Country Agencies (CCW,EN, EHS, SNH)
CBD Convention on Biological Diversity
CCW Countryside Council for Wales
cSAC candidate Special Area for Conservation
CSM Common Standards Monitoring
EC European Commission
EHS Environment and Heritage Service
EN English Nature
FCS Favourable Conservation Status
GB Great Britain (i.e. England, Scotland & Wales only)
HAP Habitat Action Plan
JNCC Joint Nature Conservation Committee
NBN National Biodiversity Network
NCC Nature Conservancy Council
NGO Non-Governmental Organisation
NI Northern Ireland
NNR National Nature Reserve
SAC Special Area of Conservation
SAP Species Action Plan
SNH Scottish Natural Heritage
SPA Special Protection Area
SSSI Site of Special Scientific Interest
UK United Kingdom (i.e. England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland)
UK BAP United Kingdom's Biodiversity Action Plan