Distribution of Special Protection Areas in northern Scotland

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Map of UK SPA review sites in northern Scotland Shiant IslesNess and Barvas, LewisNorth Rona and Sula SgeirSule Skerry and Sule StackCape WrathHandaPriest Island (Summer Isles)Inverpolly, Loch Urigill and Nearby LochsAssynt LochsLoch MareeWester Ross LochsBeinn DeargAchanalt MarshesBen WyvisCromarty Firth Inner Moray FirthDornoch Firth and Loch FleetLoch EyeMoray and Nairn CoastLoch SpynieLairg and Strathbrora LochsCaithness and Sutherland PeatlandsNorth Sutherland Coastal IslandsEast Caithness CliffsNorth Caithness CliffsCaithness LochsMarwick HeadPentland Firth IslandsCopinsayAuskerryCalf of EdayWest WestrayRousaySwithaOrkney Mainland MoorsHoy

Where definitive areas are not yet available for sites, these have been estimated in categories shown in the key


Distribution of Special Protection Areas in northern Scotland
Map code Name EU SPA Code
188 Shiant Isles UK9001041
189 Loch Maree UK9001531
190 Wester Ross Lochs UK9001711
191 Achanalt Marshes UK9001701
192 Beinn Dearg UK9001631
193 Ben Wyvis UK9001641
194 Cromarty Firth UK9001623
195 Inner Moray Firth UK9001624
196 Dornoch Firth and Loch Fleet UK9001622
197 Loch Eye UK9001621
199 Moray and Nairn Coast UK9001625
200 Loch Spynie UK9002201
206 Priest Island (Summer Isles) UK9001261
207 Inverpolly, Loch Urigill and Nearby Lochs UK9001511
208 Handa UK9001241
209 Assynt Lochs UK9001591
210 Lairg and Strathbrora Lochs UK9001611
211 Caithness and Sutherland Peatlands UK9001151
212 East Caithness Cliffs UK9001182
213 Ness and Barvas, Lewis UK9001741
214 Cape Wrath UK9001231
215 North Sutherland Coastal Islands UK9001211
216 North Caithness Cliffs UK9001181
217 Hoy UK9002141
218 Caithness Lochs UK9001171
219 Switha UK9002891
220 Pentland Firth Islands UK9001131
221 North Rona and Sula Sgeir UK9001011
222 Sule Skerry and Sule Stack UK9002181
223 Marwick Head UK9002121
224 Rousay UK9002371
225 Orkney Mainland Moors UK9002311
226 West Westray UK9002101
227 Calf of Eday UK9002431
229 Copinsay UK9002151
230 Auskerry UK9002381


Many designated sites are on private land: the listing of a site in these pages does not imply any right of public access.