A Statement on Common Standards Monitoring


1. Introduction

1.1 One of the special functions of the three country agencies (Countryside Council for Wales, English Nature and Scottish Natural Heritage) is the establishment of common standards throughout Great Britain for the monitoring of nature conservation. This information note describes the basic standards which relate to the monitoring required on statutory sites. The standards have been developed by these agencies, together with the Environment and Heritage Service in Northern Ireland and have been agreed by the Joint Nature Conservation Committee.
1.2 The standards apply to statutory sites designated as Sites of Special Scientific Interest (SSSIs) and Areas of Special Scientific Interest (ASSIs). They will also apply to areas designated as part of the Natura 2000 series, (Special Protection Areas (SPAs) under the EC Birds Directive and Special Areas of Conservation (SACs) under the EC Habitats Directive), together with Ramsar sites designated under the Convention on Wetlands of International Importance.
1.3 The standards set out below provide the basic framework required to ensure consistent monitoring throughout the UK. A glossary of the terms associated with common standards monitoring is provided in Annex I. Further guidelines are being produced by the country agencies to assist with the practical interpretation and application of these standards. Once agreed they will be published by the Joint Nature Conservation Committee. The detailed implementation of the standards is the responsibility of the individual country agencies.