Nature News Issue 9
Issue 9 of Nature News featuring JNCC's national and international conservation work.



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Nature News is a way of keeping you informed of JNCC's national and international conservation work.
The following is a summary of the information that is included in this issImage of front page of Nature News Issue 9ue.
  • Adrian Darby has been appointed as the new Chairman of JNCC.


  • JNCC visit Moray Firth on latest fact-finding mission.


  • New JNCC Annual Report takes a close-up look at nature conservation.


  • Review of Marine Nature Conservation reports to Government.


  • A minimum of 2,900 non-native species occur in the UK Overseas Territories and Crown Dependencies, based on the recent results of a JNCC-commissioned review.


  • Cold-water coral reef protected from further damage.


  • Details of the third UK Biodiversity Indicators Forum meeting.


  • A new booklet which explains about the statutory bodies involved in nature and landscape conservation


  • Two international meetings in China and Dorset made major strides in raising global awareness of geoconservation.


  • The new book, British Lower Jurassic Stratigraphy (by M J Simms, N Chidlaw, N Morton and K N Page) details the character and scientific importance of 45 GCR sites specially selected to represent this geological topic.


  • Information about Britain's most important Earth science sites can now be accessed from a database within JNCC's website.


  • JNCC and partners launched a web-based Air Pollution Information System (APIS) in June. It provides freely-available information on air pollution and its effects on ecosystems.


  • JNCC and BTO renew their partnership following its continued success in assessing the health of bird populations.


  • A number of JNCC staff attended the Green Week celebrations in Brussels.


  • Bulgaria is planning to join the European Union in 2007, but must have all the necessary legislation and administrative frameworks in place beforehand. Wyn Jones, Head of Habitats Advice at JNCC recently participated in the environmental peer review of Bulgaria.


  • Guidance is available for a range of species, habitats and Earth science features which occur on UK protected sites.


  • JNCC's David Ingram looks to the future benefits of improved access to biodiversity information.


  • New Head of the UK Nature and Landscape Office to engage with country agencies.


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