Region 1. Shetland
Barne, J.H. et al


Region 1 includes all of Shetland, which comprises over 100 separate islands, including Foula and Fair Isle, sixteen of them inhabited, although only six have populations of more than 100 people.  The highly indented coastline is 1,400 kmlong - 11.9% of the total coastline of Scotland and 7.4% of that of Great Britain.  The whole region is exposed to North Atlantic gales and most of the land lies within 3 km of the coast, so the influence of the sea is all-pervading.  The geology is variedand includes metamorphosed Precambrian rocks more than 544 million years old, which form the hilly backbone of the islands.  On either side ofthese hills there are exposures of Old Red Sandstone rock of Devonian age.  The region has a rugged and open character with rocky shores and cliffs dominating the coastal environment.  In this respect it is more similar to Region 3 (north-east Scotland) than to Region 2 (Orkney), which has a much gentler topography.
207 pages A4 hardback
ISBN ISBN 1 873701 75 6
Please cite as: Barne, J.H. et al, (1997), Region 1. Shetland, 207 pages A4 hardback, ISBN ISBN 1 873701 75 6