Publications - General

Margaret Palmer
The information in this Fact File has been abstracted mainly from published work, including the web sites of UK statutory nature conservation agencies.
Cheffings,C., Harper, M. & Jackson, A.
This is the UK's first response to the Global Strategy for Plant Conservation. This report has been compiled on behalf of the Government by a partnership between the Joint Nature Conservation Committee, Plantlife International and the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew.
The Botanical Society of the British Isles
The results of the BSBI Monitoring Scheme 1987-1988 (a two year survey of selected parts of Britain) and a tentative comparison with previous surveys. The results are presented as distribution maps.
Palmer, M.
A review of the significance of the UK's plant life and the steps being taken to conserve it. Appendices include endemic species and protected species.
Stewart, A., Pearman, D.A. & Preston, C.D.
An account of the ecology and distribution of Britain's 325 species of Nationally Scarce higher plants, including updated distribution maps.