Coastal vegetated shingle structures of Great Britain
Sneddon, P.E. & Randall, R.E.
This report comprises the final definition of communities encountered on the shingle substrate and their relation to existing communities identified by the National Vegetation Classification. It forms part of the wider study of the vegetation of shingle structures in Britain, the results of which are presented in separate appendices to this report for detailing individual coastal shingle sites in England, Scotland and Wales. This work was conducted within the framework of the National Vegetation Classification (NVC) in order to assess the applicability of existing NVC categories to the shingle communities and, where appropriate, to extend the NVC by highlighting any new communities identified

There is a separate Excel spreadsheet providing a cross tabulation between the Coastal Vegetated Shingle communities defined in this project (SR) and National Vegetation Classification (NVC) communities.

This cross-tabulation was created within the 2010 DEFRA project  ‘Development of an evidence base of the extent and quality of shingle habitats in England to improve targeting and delivery of the coastal Vegetated Shingle HAP




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