UK Index - Regional Breakdown of the distribution of the UK SPA Network

The status of 'qualifying' species on individual SPAs - important information>>>

The regional maps show actual boundaries for classified SPAs or, for those sites still to be classified. The regional maps can be viewed by clicking on the UK SPA Network map below or from the entries in the Table of Regional Maps. You can also locate an SPA in the Alphabetical list of SPA names


UK map of SPAs included in SPA review Link: Show sites for Northern Ireland and South-west ScotlandLink: Show sites for Isles of Scilly and west CornwallLink: Show sites for East Cornwall and DevonShow sites for South-west WalesLink: Show sites for Central and north WalesLink: Show sites for North-west EnglandLink: Show sites for South Wales, Gloucestershire, Somerset and WiltshireShow sites for South England Show sites for South-east EnglandShow sites for Kent, Essex and SuffolkShow sites for East EnglandShow sites for North-east EnglandShow sites for South-west ScotlandShow sites for Northern England and Southern ScotlandShow sites for Southern Islands of the Outer Hebrides (Western Isles)Show sites for Northern Islands of the Outer Hebrides (Western Isles)Show sites for Western ScotlandShow sites for Northern ScotlandShow sites for Eastern ScotlandShow sites for Orkney IslandsShow sites for Shetland Islands

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