Names and EU site codes of SPAs in the UK SPA network (L-O)

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Name Map Code EU SPA Code Country
Ladder Hills 179 UK9002951 Scotland
Laggan, Islay 122 UK9003053 Scotland
Lairg and Strathbrora Lochs 210 UK9001611 Scotland
Langholm - Newcastleton Hills 107 UK9003271 Scotland
Larne Lough 100 UK9020042 Northern Ireland
Lee Valley 28 UK9012111 England
Leighton Moss 88 UK9005091 England
Lewis Peatlands 205 UK9001571 Scotland
Lindisfarne 116 UK9006011 England
Loch Ashie 173 UK9001554 Scotland
Loch Eye 197 UK9001621 Scotland
Loch Flemington 198 UK9001691 Scotland
Loch Ken and River Dee Marshes 104 UK9003111 Scotland
Loch Knockie and Nearby Lochs 171 UK9001552 Scotland
Loch Leven 130 UK9004111 Scotland
Loch Lomond 128 UK9003021 Scotland
Loch Maree 189 UK9001531 Scotland
Loch of Inch and Torrs Warren 102 UK9003121 Scotland
Loch of Kinnordy 160 UK9004051 Scotland
Loch of Lintrathen 158 UK9004061 Scotland
Loch of Skene 180 UK9002261 Scotland
Loch of Strathbeg 202 UK9002211 Scotland
Loch Ruthven 172 UK9001551 Scotland
Loch Shiel 149 UK9001721 Scotland
Loch Spynie 200 UK9002201 Scotland
Loch Vaa 176 UK9002751 Scotland
Lochnagar 159 UK9002281 Scotland
Lochs of Spiggie and Brow 234 UK9002651 Scotland
Lough Foyle 99 UK9020031 Northern Ireland
Lough Neagh and Lough Beg 93 UK9020091 Northern Ireland
Lower Derwent Valley 80 UK9006092 England
Marazion Marsh 2 UK9020289 England
Martin Mere 78 UK9005111 England
Marwick Head 223 UK9002121 Scotland
Medway Estuary and Marshes 30 UK9012031 England
Mersey Estuary 74 UK9005131 England
Mersey Narrows and North Wirral Foreshore 72 UK9020287 England
Migneint - Dduallt 60 UK9013131 Wales
Mingulay and Berneray 145 UK9001121 Scotland
Minsmere - Walberswick 55 UK9009101 England
Mointeach Scadabhaigh 187 UK9001501 Scotland
Monach Isles 184 UK9001071 Scotland
Montrose Basin 163 UK9004031 Scotland
Moray and Nairn Coast 199 UK9001625 Scotland
Morecambe Bay 87 UK9005081 England
Mousa 235 UK9002361 Scotland
Muir of Dinnet 161 UK9002791 Scotland
Muirkirk and North Lowther Uplands 112 UK9003261 Scotland
Mynydd Cilan, Trwyn y Wylfa ac Ynysoedd Sant Tudwal / Mynydd Cilan, Trwyn y Wylfa and the St Tudwal Islands 58 UK9020282 Wales
Nene Washes 51 UK9008031 England
Ness and Barvas, Lewis 213 UK9001741 Scotland
New Forest 13 UK9011031 England
North Caithness Cliffs 216 UK9001181 Scotland
North Colonsay and Western Cliffs 125 UK9003171 Scotland
North Harris Mountains 204 UK9001572 Scotland
North Inverness Lochs 170 UK9001553 Scotland
North Norfolk Coast 64 UK9009031 England
North Pennine Moors 97 UK9006272 England
North Rona and Sula Sgeir 221 UK9001011 Scotland
North Sutherland Coastal Islands 215 UK9001211 Scotland
North Uist Machair and Islands 185 UK9001051 Scotland
North York Moors 90 UK9006161 England
Northumbria Coast 117 UK9006131 England
Noss 237 UK9002081 Scotland
Orkney Mainland Moors 225 UK9002311 Scotland
Otterswick and Graveland 241 UK9002941 Scotland
Ouse Washes 52 UK9008041 England
Outer Ards 96 UK9020271 Northern Ireland
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