Names and EU site codes of SPAs in the UK SPA network (P-Z)

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Name Map Code EU SPA Code Country
Pagham Harbour 11 UK9012041 England
Papa Stour 238 UK9002051 Scotland
Papa Westray (North Hill and Holm) 231 UK9002111 Scotland
Pentland Firth Islands 220 UK9001131 Scotland
Pettigoe Plateau 92 UK9020051 Northern Ireland
Poole Harbour 8 UK9010111 England
Porton Down 14 UK9011101 England
Portsmouth Harbour 15 UK9011051 England
Priest Island (Summer Isles) 206 UK9001261 Scotland
Ramna Stacks and Gruney 240 UK9002021 Scotland
Ramsey and St David's Peninsula Coast 38 UK9014062 Wales
Rannoch Lochs 150 UK9004021 Scotland
Rathlin Island 109 UK9020011 Northern Ireland
Ribble and Alt Estuaries 77 UK9005103 England
Rinns of Islay 121 UK9003057 Scotland
River Spey - Insh Marshes 174 UK9002231 Scotland
Ronas Hill - North Roe and Tingon 239 UK9002041 Scotland
Rousay 224 UK9002371 Scotland
Rum 148 UK9001341 Scotland
Rutland Water 62 UK9008051 England
Salisbury Plain 25 UK9011102 England
Sandlings 54 UK9020286 England
Severn Estuary 23 UK9015022 England / Wales
Sheep Island 108 UK9020021 Northern Ireland
Shiant Isles 188 UK9001041 Scotland
Skokholm and Skomer 39 UK9014051 Wales
Sleibhtean agus Cladach Thiriodh (Tiree Wetlands and Coast) 137 UK9003032 Scotland
Solent and Southampton Water 10 UK9011061 England
Somerset Levels and Moors 12 UK9010031 England
South Pennine Moors (Phases 1 and 2) 75 UK9007021 England
South Tayside Goose Roosts 142 UK9004401 Scotland
South Uist Machair and Lochs 166 UK9001082 Scotland
South West London Waterbodies 27 UK9012171 England
St Abb's Head to Fast Castle 136 UK9004271 Scotland
St Kilda 183 UK9001031 Scotland
Stodmarsh 35 UK9012121 England
Stour and Orwell Estuaries 45 UK9009121 England
Strangford Lough 95 UK9020111 Northern Ireland
Sule Skerry and Sule Stack 222 UK9002181 Scotland
Sumburgh Head 236 UK9002511 Scotland
Switha 219 UK9002891 Scotland
Tamar Estuaries Complex 3 UK9010141 England
Teesmouth and Cleveland Coast 98 UK9006061 England
Thames Basin Heaths 26 UK9012141 England
Thames Estuary and Marshes 29 UK9012021 England
Thanet Coast and Sandwich Bay 36 UK9012071 England
The Dee Estuary 73 UK9013011 England / Wales
The Swale 33 UK9012011 England
The Wash 63 UK9008021 England
Thorne and Hatfield Moors 79 UK9005171 England
Tips of Corsemaul and Tom Mor 177 UK9002811 Scotland
Tiree (corncrake) 138 UK9003034 Scotland
Traeth Lafan / Lavan Sands, Conway Bay 71 UK9013031 Wales
Treshnish Isles 139 UK9003041 Scotland
Troup, Pennan and Lion's Heads 201 UK9002471 Scotland
Upper Lough Erne 83 UK9020071 Northern Ireland
Upper Solway Flats and Marshes 106 UK9005012 England / Scotland
Walmore Common 40 UK9007051 England
Wealden Heaths (Phases 1 and 2) 17 UK9012131 England
West Westray 226 UK9002101 Scotland
Wester Ross Lochs 190 UK9001711 Scotland
Westwater 131 UK9004251 Scotland
Ynys Feurig, Cemlyn Bay and The Skerries 69 UK9013061 Wales
Ynys Seiriol / Puffin Island 70 UK9020285 Wales
Ythan Estuary, Sands of Forvie and Meikle Loch 181 UK9002221 Scotland
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