Central to all field surveying was a series of specifically designed recording forms onto which field data were transcribed:

  • Guidance (PDF, 67 Kb) notes for completion of MNCR recording forms


  • Survey form (PDF, 23 Kb) - For general details about the entire survey including the organization and personnel involved, the dates and general location of the survey and the range of methods used


  • Site form (PDF, 40 Kb) - for information on the main features of each site, including its name and position, the surveyors, the time and type of survey undertaken, general physical characteristics, uses and impacts


  • Habitat forms - There are two habitat forms, one for littoral habitats (PDF, 60 Kb) and one for sublittoral habitats (PDF, 78 Kb). They are for details of the physical and biological nature of the habitat and include a checklist of species against which to record abundance
    New versions of Habitat forms to which up to date species names was added in July 2017.